Geography of Creeperopolis

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Geography of Creeperopolis
Elevation Map of Creeperopolis.png
Elevation map of Creeperopolis
RegionCentral Sur
AreaRanked 4th
 • Total10,486,679.8 km2 (4,048,929.7 sq mi)
Highest pointSan Salvador Volcano
(25,481 pies; 23,294 feet; 7,100 meters)
Lowest pointImperial Depression
(–145 pies; –133 feet; –41 meters)
Longest riverSan Miguel River
Largest lakeLake San Salvador
ClimateHumid north, semi-temperate south
TerrainMountainous along northern and western borders, central Creeperopolis, and the Atlántidan Peninsula, highlands in central Creeperopolis, lowlands along the coasts
Natural resourcesIron, gold, oil, coal, limestone, silver
Natural hazardsStorms, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions
Environmental issuesAir pollution, water pollution, illegal dumping, deforestation

Creeperopolis is the largest nation in the southern hemisphere and in Sur.