Gandorian language

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New Gandorian
Native toNew Gandor
Hayi Algandori,Cordoba, Greater Sacramento
EthnicityNew Gandorian
Native speakers
170 million (2019)
Early forms
Iberic script
Arabic Script
Language codes
ISO 639-1Gd
ISO 639-2Gdn
ISO 639-3Ngd

The official language if New Gandor, spoken by the entire Gandorian population of approximately 170 million and by nearly two million people in Greater Sacramento. It was adapted from Gandorian Eminopler (208 - 1704 AD) in 1650 AD, used by the Easterners during the civil war, and made official in 1704. It is understood across New Gandor despite dialect differences. There are also 57 million non native speakers fluent in Gandorian.