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Gagium (politician)

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United Commonwealths of

Gagium countryball.png
Gagium as of July 2020.
Council Delegate of the LCN
Assumed office
May 14, 2020
CEO of the Shadow Realm
Assumed office
August 14, 2020
5th and 14th President of the FCN
In office
March 14, 2020 – April 14, 2020
Preceded byGreater Bastion
Succeeded byFluvannia
In office
April 13, 2018 – October 17, 2018
Preceded byLibervalley
Succeeded byNew Waldensia
2nd, 10th, & 13th Secretary of Internal Affairs
In office
October 25, 2017 – April 13, 2018
Preceded byPosition Established
Succeeded byNew Waldensia
In office
October 14, 2019 – February 7, 2020
PresidentFurbish Islands
Holy Rhinish Islands
Preceded byFurbish Islands
Succeeded byAglonia
In office
April 14, 2020 – April 22, 2020
Preceded byFurbish Islands
6th Secretary of War
In office
November 27, 2018 – January 16, 2019
PresidentNew Waldensia
Preceded byThe Royal RCS
Succeeded byDoge Republics
5th Head Journalist
In office
February 10, 2020 – April 14, 2020
PresidentGreater Bastion
Preceded byTesyky
4th Senate Pro-Tempore
In office
April 10, 2019 – April 15, 2019
Preceded byCreeperopolis
Succeeded byCreeperopolis
Founder of the Federation of Conservative Nations
In office
September 9, 2017 – May 1, 2020
Preceded byPosition Established
Supreme Leader of the Monarchist and Democratic Alliance
Assumed office
July 6, 2020
Serving with Quebecshire
Personal details
Born (2017-04-08) April 8, 2017 (age 3)
CitizenshipCcn flag.png CCN (2017)
Flag of the FCN.png FCN (2017-2020)
Flag of The League of Conservative Nations.png LCN (since 2020)
Political partyIndependent
Other political
Republican Party (2020)
Conservative Party (2017-2019)
Independent (2019-2020)
ResidenceThe League of Conservative Nations
OccupationPolitician, Military officer, Gambler
Net worthFCN Dollars[citation needed]
Military service
AllegianceFlag of the FCN.png FCN (2017-2020)
Branch/serviceArmy of Freedom
Years of service2017-2020
RankSecretary of War

Gagium, sometimes referred to as Yedge and known in the FCN as Mr. Gagium, is an incumbent Council Delegate of the Council of the Republic and has been since May 14, 2020. Gagium joined NationStates on April 8, 2017 and moved to the Confederation of Conservative Nations the same day. Throughout his career on NationStates, Gagium has held various political and military positions in the Confederacy of Conservative Nations, the Federation of Conservative Nations, The League of Conservative Nations, and informally in the Monarchist and Democratic Alliance.

Gagium helped found the Federation of Conservative Nations in 2017, and quickly became the region's Secretary of Internal Affairs after serving as Secretary of Roleplay in the Confederacy of Conservative Nations. Gagium became President in April 2018, and put down the coup attempt by Crimsonfield in September 2018 while being DDoSed in the process. Gagium would serve as Secretary of Internal Affairs and Secretary of War under numerous Presidents, and was elected to President in a snap election in March 2020. Gagium left the Federation of Conservative Nations for The League of Conservative Nations in April 2020, along with several other members of the region. Shortly after, the FCN was disbanded by the Senate.

On August 14, after Gagium accumulated a net worth of approximately -220,000 Leaguecredits, he appointed himself as CEO of the Shadow Realm.[citation needed]

Through holding several leadership positions in the Federation of Conservative Nations, Gagium was regarded as a relatively trusted member of the region by many until the dissolution of the Federation. Gagium is known on NationStates for being the founder of the Federation of Conservative Nations. Gagium has been accused of corruption, manipulating the FCN Dollar, embezzlement, conspiracy against several regions, and ableism.[citation needed]

Early NS Life

Confederation of Conservative Nations

Confederacy of Conservative Nations

Federation of Conservative Nations

Founding the FCN

Early Presidency

Establishing the FCN Dollar

Late Presidency

DDoSing and UCS

Liberation Attempt

Secretary of War and Early 2019

CCS Coup

Gentlemen's Coalition

Raids against Farkasfalka

LCN Controversy

Early Rift with the LCN

Advocating for Embassy Closure

Closing Embassies

Further Anti-LCN Activism

Fall 2019 and Secretary of Interior Affairs


Election of Rhinish

Serving under Bastion


Final Days

The League of Conservative Nations


LCN Minecraft



Personal Life



As of August 11, Gagium has an approximate net worth of ∞ FCN Dollars. However, Gagium has previously had a net worth of -∞ FCN Dollars after a failed blackjack attempt, though he quickly regained the money through unknown methods.[citation needed] Gagium had a net worth of 10,000 Leaguecredits as of August 9, though this quickly dropped to 0. He regained a net worth of above 10,000 Leaguecredits on August 11 before losing his money to a series of failed gambling attempts.

Gagium has a net worth of -211,000 Leaguecredits as of August 15.


It is alleged that Gagium has a crippling addiction to gambling Leaguecredits.[citation needed]

On August 14, Gagium loaned 90,000 Leaguecredits from CFAC and gambled it all with roulette. After Gagium won, he paid CFAC back 99,000 and paid another loan he took out from Spode. Gagium still had over 60,000 Leaguecredits after repaying the loans. However, Gagium soon lost this money, so he took out another 90,000 Leaguecredit loan from CFAC and gambled it all to earn 180,000 Leaguecredits. After paying back the loan, Gagium made a profit of 81,000 LC.

This however quickly changed, as Gagium gambled that away and ended the day with a balance of nearly -220,000 Leaguecredits.

On August 30, Gagium went from having a net worth of over 380,000 Leaguecredits (being first on the leaderboard) to having a net worth of roughly -560,000 Leaguecredits (last on the leaderboard) thanks to gambling.

Public Image

In the FCN

During Gagium's time in the Federation of Conservative Nations, Gagium has served as President, Secretary of Interior Affairs, Secretary of War, and in other officer positions. Because of this, many nations saw Gagium as a trusted member of the region and as a capable leader. However, many people have also viewed Gagium unfavorably for some of his actions in the FCN, including somewhat frequently getting into arguments. In the final days of the FCN, several people believed that Gagium acted as if he was above regional law, and as a result of this, prepared to move to a different region. This image of Gagium was solidified after an argument he had with Dragons of Power which resulted in him purging the argument. While Gagium maintains that he was just trying to clean up the channel and admitted to everything he did, people such as Logon and Viridus accused him of deleting evidence. While the incident caused many people to form unfavorable opinions of Gagium, Dragons of Power himself has since forgiven Gagium for the incident, and others still viewed Gagium somewhat positively.

Crimsonfield and his associates viewed Gagium extremely negative during their time in the FCN and were working on removing him from the Presidency before some of them got banned for treason and being involved in Crimsonfield's illicit actions and violations of regional law.

In the RCN

After Gagium left the FCN, people such as COT accused Gagium of treason against the region, abandoning the FCN or killing the FCN, and wishing ill will against the community. While many people view Gagium unfavorably in the Republic of Conservative Nations, some people, such as New Waldensia, maintained that they still hold some respect for Gagium. Regardless, Gagium has opted to not participate in the RCN to avoid unnecessary drama or conflict.


Gagium is known on the NationStates Gameplay community for his use of slurs such as the n-word in the FCN during 2018. After evidence of this was brought to the WA Security Council in October 2018, Gagium has apologized for his use of slurs and his repeated use of the n-word at the time. However, Gagium has maintained that it was never his intention to be racist at the time while agreeing that the words are incredibly racist. After this, a majority of people associated with NSGP still viewed Gagium as a racist and even as a fascist. In early 2020, images allegedly from the first FCN discord server showed Gagium making racist remarks to various people, none of whom have ever been associated with the FCN. These images were later shown to be faked by a fascist on the site.

In July 2020, NSGP targeted the League of Conservative Nations for using words such as variations of 'faggot', 'retard', or the word 'nigga' in joking manners where everyone involved consented to the use of such words. Gagium's defense of using words in a joking manner targeting a single consenting individual instead of a group of people caused some individuals on NSGP to view him as ableist.


Throughout his time on NationStates, many people have made accusations or allegations in regards to Gagium. These include:

  • Being a puppet: Sometime during Gagium's time in the Confederacy of Conservative Nations or the early Federation of Conservative Nations, Gagium was accused of being a puppet.[citation needed]
  • Being a part of a criminal organization: Gagium was accused of being in the LCN crime family.
  • Being unbased or bluepilled: From time to time, Gagium has been accused of being "unbased" or "bluepilled". He denies all these allegations.
  • Corruption: Crimsonfield, along with several other individuals, have alleged that Gagium has participated in corruption and nepotism in the FCN government.
  • Nepotism: Gagium has been accused of nepotism in the past.
  • Espionage: Gagium has been accused of spying on various regions in the past.
  • Assassination: Gagium has been accused of assassinating or attempting to assassinate government officials in the past. This includes an instance in which he allegedly tried to bomb the FCN President's office.[citation needed]
  • Unlawfully banning people: In the FCN, several, several individuals have accused Gagium of unlawfully banning them.
  • Racism: Gagium was accused of racism due to his comments in 2018 as well as faked screenshots released by an anonymous whistleblower in 2020. This has prompted at least one person (Honeydewistania, currently a government member in Osiris) to spam the FCN discord.
  • Homophobia: Gagium has been accused of being homophobic in the past.
  • White Supremacy or Fascism: Gagium has been accused of being a white supremacist and/or a fascist during his time in the FCN. Others have accused the FCN as a whole of being fascist.
  • Communism: Several far-right and fascist users on NationStates have accused Gagium of being a "communist", "liberal", or "leftist".
  • Ableism: Due to Gagium accepting the use of the word 'Retard', he has been accused of ableism.
  • Treason against the FCN: Many people have accused Gagium of treason against the FCN. This includes COTCORP, the last Secretary of Internal Affairs of the FCN, who insisted that Gagium was a traitor for leaving the FCN for the LCN.
  • Manipulation of currency: It is alleged that Gagium gave himself FCN dollars after losing money in the FCN, thus decreasing the value of the FCN dollar. As a result of this, the FCN Senate passed the "Cheater, Cheater, Chicken Eater Bill", forbidding people from undoing fines the region's economy bot has given them.
  • Embezzlement: It is alleged that Gagium used the FCN economy bot to embezzle millions of FCN dollars.[citation needed] Gagium was also accused of embezzling Tims on August 9.
  • Fraud: It is alleged that Gagium has committed fraud using FCN dollars in the past.
  • Blackmail: On August 13, Gagium was accused by Quebecshire of blackmail after someone suggested that Gagium request a payment for telling Quebec information related to the Consulate Central Bank.
  • Armed Robbery and Theft: Gagium has been accused of committing theft in both the FCN, the LCN, and other regions. Additionally, Gagium has been accused of stealing over three million government-sanctioned estates. See Gagium v. Administration, which occurred in the aftermath.
  • Assault: Some people allege that Gagium has assaulted them in the FCN or the LCN.
  • Selling government property: Gagium has been accused of selling a Council Delegate Estate to Calamari.[citation needed] He has also been accused of trying to sell Council Delegate Estates to Creeperopolis and Karimun.
  • Stealing government property: On August 15, 2020, Gagium was fined 500 Leaguecredits by Quebecshire after allegedly attempting to steal 2,147,483,647 League's Police Force police vehicles.
  • Deleting Evidence: Individuals such as Logon, Fluvannia, and Viridus have accused Gagium of deleting evidence to avoid the "consequences of his actions" in the FCN before the region was disbanded.
  • Spam: It is claimed that Gagium spammed the LCN regional message board before getting banned from the region in 2019. Gagium now maintains that the ban was more or less justified.
  • Coping: Gagium has been accused of "coping" by many members of the LCN. He denies all these allegations.
  • Simping: On December 14, 2020, Gagium was accused of being a simp by "Neo is Best Girl".
  • Anti-LPF Sentiments: Gagium has been accused of holding a grudge against the LPF and/or not supporting the organization.
  • Rioting: Several incidents have led to Gagium being accused of organizing or participating in riots, many of them against the LPF. Gagium maintains that all civil advocacy he does is perfectly legal.
  • Hostage Taking: Many individuals have claimed that they have been held hostage by Gagium.
  • Being a female: After Gagium made a comment about men (as in mankind), Vens Verbum alleged that Gagium might've been a female.[citation needed]
  • Being a homosexual: In the FCN and LCN, people have alleged that Gagium is a homosexual. Edited messages or screenshots have been used to support this.[citation needed]
  • Prostitution: Gagium has been accused of being a prostitute by COTCORP in July 2020, who alleged that he had a receipt proving this.
  • Crimes against Humanity: It is alleged that Gagium has committed several Crimes against Humanity.
  • Operating a human trafficking ring (Terraconserva): The Gagiumgate conspiracy theory alleges that Gagium is really just a front for human trafficking.[citation needed]
  • Slavery (Minecraft): Gagium has been accused of participating in slavery on the LCN Minecraft server.
  • Drug trafficking (Minecraft): Gagium has been accused of trafficking drugs such as Chorus Fruit on the LCN Minecraft server.
  • Murder (Minecraft): Gagium has been accused of murdering several individuals, including Furby and Zion, on the LCN Minecraft server. However, Gagium maintains that there is no proof that any of these instances were unjustified.[citation needed]
  • Shoplifting (Minecraft): Zion alleges that Gagium took chorus fruit from the casino without permission.[citation needed]
  • Trespassing (Minecraft): Zion alleges that Gagium has trespassed onto the casino to kill him.[citation needed]
  • Slaughter (Minecraft): Quebecshire has accused Gagium of slaughtering some of his animals, including his llamas.
  • Stealing Kills (Surviv): Gagium has been accused by Quebecshire of stealing his kills on the game "".
  • Stealing Kills (Minecraft Bedwars): Gagium has been accused by Quebecshire of stealing his kills on the Minecraft Hypixel game "Bed Wars".
  • Tax Evasion: Gagium was accused of trying to avoid paying taxes for his winnings in gambling. Gagium claims that he wasn't trying to avoid taxation.

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