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The Gagian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is tasked with maintaining the Gagian Travel Advisory, which advises citizens and residents of Gagium on whether or not it is safe to travel to certain countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also provides readily available information on every country in the world to travelers from Gagium.



Advisory Level Notes
Level 1 - Safe for Travel Travel with any normal precautions which would be taken travelling within the nation.
Level 2 - Exercise Caution Travel with any normal precautions which would be taken in an area with an unfamiliar culture and different legal customs.
Level 3 - Reconsider Travel Consider if traveling to the country in question is necessary. If you do travel to this nation, exercise extreme caution and follow the nation's laws at all times.
Level 4 - Travel Highly Discouraged Travel to this nation is highly discouraged, though it is not illegal at the moment. If you do travel to this nation, do so in a manner that ensures your safety at all times.
Travel Banned No legal travel is allowed between Gagium and the country in question.
Country Flag Advisory Level Notes
Santo Imperio Tradicionalista de Creeperopólis
Flag of Creeperopolis.jpg
Reconsider Travel
Creeperopolis is a totalitarian nation with numerous militias operating within its borders. Many of these militias are aligned with the government and are notorious for committing extrajudicial executions of civilians. However, some areas of Creeperopolis are still relatively safe for tourists.
Den forente republikk Eminopel
Flag of Eminople.png
Safe for Travel
Eminople is a safe and developed nation.
Greater Sacramento
جمهورية ساكرامنتو الإسلامية
Safe for Travel
Greater Sacramento is a safe and developed nation.
Democratic Republic of Groffenord
Safe for Travel
Groffenord is a safe and developed nation that borders Gagium, as well as a member of the TEU.
Safe for Travel
Koryo is a safe and developed nation.
Republic of Lyoa
Lyoa Flag.png
Travel Highly Discouraged
Lyoa is currently experiencing high levels of internal conflict, and is caught in political turmoil as well. The government of Gagium will not be able to ensure your safety if you travel to this nation.
Unifyies Dimorka Malgax
Flag of Malgax.png
Exercise Caution
Malgax is a large, democratic nation that borders Gagium to the south. However, Malgax is diplomatically isolated, and little is known about the nation's customs.
New Gandor
Nowy Gąsior
Safe for Travel
New Gandor is a safe and developed nation.
Paleokoker respublikasi
Paleo Flag 1.png
Exercise Caution
Paleocacher was condemned by TCN Resolution 007 due to using appalling methods of torture and execution against weapons traffickers. Asides from this, Paleocacher is a mostly safe and developed nation.
l'État Serein du Québecshire
Quebecshire Flag.png
Safe for Travel
Quebecshire is a safe and developed nation as well as a member of the TEU. Quebecshire and Gagium have extensive ties to each other, and share the same language.
Stratokrata Respubliko de Rakeo
Reconsider Travel
Despite being a member of the TEU, Rakeo is a totalitarian state with strict laws regarding political freedoms and speech.
出会い 王国
Flag of Reia.png
Safe for Travel
Reia is a safe and developed nation.
San Carlos Islands
Сан-Карлос Острова
San Carlos Islands Flag.png
Safe for Travel
The San Carlos Islands is a safe and developed nation as well as a member of the TEU.
Sequoyah flag.gif
Travel Highly Discouraged
Sequoyah and Gagium have no substantial diplomatic relations with each other, and there is little to know about this the customs of this nation. What we do know is that violence is prevalent throughout much of the nation, and slavery was recently legalized in Sequoyah. If you do travel to this nation, ensure that you are capable of defending yourself - It is legal to bring firearms into Sequoyah.
Freinnortán er Teraníl
Flag terranihil new 2.png
Exercise Caution
Despite Terranihil being a fellow member of the TEU and a relatively developed nation, there are reports of ethnic strife and terrorism within the borders of Terranihil.
La Confederatie de Willdavie
Safe for Travel
Willdavie is a safe and developed nation as well as a member of the TEU. Most Gagians should be able to understand Davinish to a certain degree.
Великая империя Ксусмана
Safe for Travel
Xusma is a safe and developed nation as well as a member of the TEU.