Furtado oil spill

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Furtado Oil Spill
IXTOC I oil well blowout.jpg
The Furtado Prospect rig immediately after the accident.
LocationFurtado Prospect in the Andaluzian sea west of Galveias.
DateMay 13, 2022
CauseWellhead blowout
  • 13 people killed
  • 2 people injured
OperatorPetróleo Nacional (PN)
Spill characteristics

The Furtado oil spill (also referred to as the "Andaluzian oil spill") was an industrial disaster that began on 13 May 2022[1], in the Andaluzian Sea on the PN-operated Furtado Prospect. "It is the largest (Oil spill) of its kind," claimed by Andaluza Hoy.


Drug trafficking allegations against CRI

Andaluzian seizure of CRI oil rigs

Wellhead blowout

Volume and extent of spill

Efforts to stem the flow of oil


International reactions

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