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ProvinceEastern Sequoyah
 • Total250,000

Freemont is the capital of Sequoyah. It is also the headquarters of the Union Railroad Company. It is significantly less wealthy than the other cities of Angeles and Nueva Vegas due to a lack of major manufacturing plants. Freemont is the location of many of the nation's banks, whose power pales in comparison to that of the railroad companies.


Freemont was established by the Union Railroad Company when they founded Sequoyah to protect their railroads from tribal warbands. The city remains relatively small, due to most business being carried out in other parts of the nation.


The GDP per capita is 35,000$ Sequoyan dollars a year. The Economy of Eastern Sequoyah is primarily focused on farming and logging, putting it at an economic disadvantage to Western Sequoyah and Nueva Vegas. However, due to Freemont being the seat of the Sequoyan Congress and the President, the city continues to maintain a large measure of importance in Sequoyan politics and the economy.


Due to its agrarianism, Freemont is a power base for the Sequoyan Whig Party. However, that power is somewhat abated by the presence of the Union Railroad Company, whose proximity to the seat of Sequoyan Federal Politics allows it to maintain large influence over the Sequoyan Congress when it comes to grants and contracts.