Free Creeperian Army (Junta)

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Free Creeperian Army
Ejército Libre Creeperiano
Participant in the 2020 Creeperian Putsch
2020 coup creeperopolis.png
ActiveFebruary 9, 2020-February 11, 2020
IdeologyMonarchal Abolitionism
Political positionFar-Left (DINA claim)
Far-Right (JRG-RC claim)
AllegianceCreeperopolis Revolutionary Government Junta for Creeperian Reorganization
LeadersJoaquín Barrueco Dengra  Executed
Cristian Pliego Carita  Executed
David Céspedes Covarrubias
ColoursBlack and White
Succeeded byCreeperopolis Creeperian Government-in-Exile
AlliesCreeperopolis Revolutionary Government Junta for Creeperian Reorganization
Flag of Malgax.png Malgax (alleged, denied)
Flag of Morova.jpg Morova (alleged)
Opponent(s) Creeperopolis
Creeperopolis Creeperian Armed Forces

Lyoa Flag.png Lyoa
Lyoa Flag.png Lyoa National Defense Force

Battles and war(s)2020 Creeperian Putsch
Designated as a terrorist organisation by
Lyoa Flag.png Lyoa

The Free Creeperian Army (Ejército Libre Creeperiano) was a rebel faction of the Creeperian Army which existed from February 9, 2020, until February 11, 2020, during the 2020 Creeperian coup d'état attempt.