Free Christian Army

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Free Christian Army
Lenk Izarieth Halmi
Free christian army 1.png
The FCA's flag.
Active1972 - present
IdeologyGuršauni Christianity
Motive(s)Toppling the Terranilian government and spreading Christianity
Founding leaderMuza Chilmariem
GeneralJosef Ichigožt
Area of operationsFlag terranihil new 2.png Terranihil
Size~ 2,000
ColoursWhite, Black and Red
Split fromChristian Reform Party
AlliesFALANGE.png Anti-Deltinian Armed Forces of Liberation - War of Elimination
 Creeperopolis (alleged)
HRM Flag.png Holy Resistance Movement
Opponent(s)Flag terranihil new 2.png Terranihil

TMFF flag.png Alhaz Freedom Fighters

VA flag.png Vigilant Atheists
Designated as a terrorist organisation by
Flag terranihil new 2.png Terranihil

The Free Christian Army (FCA) (Terranilian: Lenk Izarieth Halmi) is a radical, Guršauni Christian terrorist organization in Terranihil. The FCA has engaged in several methods of violence against atheists and homosexuals, including stabbings, kidnappings and bombings. They have claimed the lives of 2,970 Terranilians, 148 of whom were Muslim and 154 of whom were homosexuals. The FCA's goals are to overthrow the Terranilian government, eliminate atheism and homosexuality, fight against the Vigilant Atheists and spread Christianity. The organization was founded by Muza Chilmariem and currently is led by Josef Ichigožt, a Terranilian Army veteran. Most activity occurs in Hégeis, which has a majority Christian population.