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Creeperopolis has formal diplomatic relations with most nations of the world.

Bilateral Relations

Greater Sacramento

Creeperopolis and Greater Sacramento relations are neutral. While Greater Sacramento is a culturally similar nation and both are leaders in the Abrahamic Faiths, Creeperopolis tends to distance itself due to extreme liberalism and homosexuality in the country.




Creeperopolis and Lyoa are strong allies. The alliance between the two nations began in the Lyoan Civil War where the Creeperian government sent money and weapons to the Revolutionary United Forces. After the civil war, the government continued to suport the Revolutionary United Front's government in the Internal conflict in Lyoa, the Second Lyoan Civil War, and ongoing Lyoan Conflict. The countries' leaders meet with each other at least once a year. In January 2020, both nations established the Cooperation and Development Coalition.

New Gandor



Creeperopolis and Quebecshire are strong allies. Quebecshire purchases cheap sugar from Creeperopolis' National Coffee and Sugar Corporation, benefitting both economies. The two countries' leaders meet with each other at least once a year.





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