Flag of Tirol

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UseCivil flag, civil and naval ensign
Adopted1 May 1893
DesignA horizontal bicolour of white (top) and green (bottom).
Variant flag of Tirol
UseState flag and ensign, war flag
Adopted1 May 1893
DesignA vertical bicolour of white (left) and green (right)

The flag of Tirol (Ladin: Flag dl Tirol) is the flag of the nation of Tirol. It consists of two bands of colour in the following order: white and green.

The Tirol flag is considered one of the oldest national symbols still in use by a modern country, with its first recorded use being in 1230. The Tiroler coat of arms originated from the arms of the Margraves of Innthal. The eagle was, from very early on, associated not with a reigning family or monarch, but with the country of Tirol itself.