First Siege of Stratea Island Fort

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First Siege of Stratea Island Fort
Part of the Sieges of Stratea Island Fort
Screenshot 2139.png
HolyEpicPenguin after being captured and tortured.
DateMay 3, 2020
Result San Quebec Victory
San Quebec Stratea Island Fort
Commanders and leaders
Cubic head.png Cubicsoyce
Creeper head.png PizzaKing13
Gagium head 1.png HolyEpicPenguin
Garde head.png Garde_Schutzen
Units involved
San Quebec Army Stratea Island Fort Army
2 2
Casualties and losses
2 injuries 3 deaths
1 captured[lower-alpha 1]

The First Siege of Stratea Island Fort was an altercation on May 3, 2020, between the garrison of the Stratea Island Fort and the besieging forces of San Quebec.


Cubicsoyce and HolyEpicPenguin were having fun on the 2x2 nether path between Spawn and the Castle when they started punching each other for fun. Cubicsoyce was punched off the platform and asked for help to get back to the top but HolyEpicPenguin refused and went home. Cubicsoyce was left to fend off ghasts by himself.


Cubicsoyce gave HolyEpicPenguin an ultimatum which demanded that he returns to the settlement of San Quebec to undergo torture as a punishment for leaving him to die. HolyEpicPenguin refused.

Order of Battle

San Quebec

Stratea Island Fort


The siege began with Cubicsoyce and PizzaKing13 running through the nether from San Quebec to Stratea Island Fort.

PizzaKing13 arrived first and came under fire from Garde_Schutzen. Then Cubicsoyce arrived and killed Garde_Schutzen twice, leading to his capitulation and surrender. PizzaKing13 and Cubocsoyce then moved to the upper areas of the fort and fought HolyEpicPenguin. Both PizzaKing13 and Cubocsoyce hit HolyEpicPenguin with flame arrows, where he finally succumbed to his wounds and died. HolyEpicPenguin surrendered.


HolyEpicPenguin was dearmed and escorted back to San Quebec where he was to be tortured. He was lured underneath the Monument to San Quebec and was "CBT'ed" to death.[citation needed]


  1. HolyEpicPenguin was captured by the forces of San Quebec. He was later "CBT'ed" to death.

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