First Senvarian Insurgency

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First Senvarian Insurgency
Part of the Senvarian Insurgencies
Battle of Badajoz.jpg
Creeperian Army soldiers scaling the city walls at the 1846 Siege of Südhafen.
DateMarch 5, 1839-June 15, 1857
(18 years, 3 months, 1 week and 3 days)

Creeperian Military Victory

Creeperopolis Creeperopolis
Creeperopolis Creeperian Armed Forces
Supported by:
Flag of the Papal States (1825-1870).svg Papal State
Senvarsenvekflag.jpeg Senvarian Royalists/Loyalists
Commanders and leaders
Creeperopolis Adolfo III
Creeperopolis Miguel Cabañeras Gutiérrez
Creeperopolis Manuel Cabañeras Carpio
Senvarsenvekflag.jpeg Wilhelm III White flag icon.svg
Senvarsenvekflag.jpeg Frederick Schuessler I
500,000? 200,000?
Casualties and losses
30,000? Unknown

The First Senvarian Insurgency was a civil military conflict that raged in Creeperopolis between the government and Senvarian royalists/loyalists from March 5, 1839 to June 15, 1857. The war was sparked by the annexation of Senvar by Creeperopolis. The war was the first of a series of Senvarian insurgencies.