Fatima bint Ali Alqorat

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Fatima bint Ali Alqorat
FAtimabint AliQorat Calligraphy .png
Prime Minister of the Council of Ankarabad
In office
Chancellor of the Islamic Republic
In office
Succeeded byAiysha El Zayyid Shahi
Personal details
Hudabiyah, Qorat, Hejaz, Greater Sacramento
Medina Alrasul, Qorat, Hejaz, Greater Sacramento
Political partyRevolution Alliance
Spouse(s)Muhmaad ibn Isa Alqorat
ChildrenIshaq, Adam, Maryim, and Yusuf
Military service
Nickname(s)The mother to the republic
AllegianceThe Republic of Mecca (1495)
The Islamic Republic (1497)
Years of service3
Unit2nd Meccan Militia
Battles/warsBlue Flag Revolution
Languages fluent inSouth Hejazi Arabic, Classical Arabic

Fatima bint Ali Qorat (Arabic: فاطمة بنت علي القورات) was a leading figure in the Republic of Mecca and the first Chancellor of the Islamic Republic. She presided over the signing of the republic's Constitution and was elected to the Chancellor position before leaving government in 1505 after her first term was completed. She is regarded as one of the most important person to the history of Modern Republics and Islamic Republicanism.

Early Life

Fatima was born in the village of Hudabiyah 20 miles west of Medina Alrasul under the Sharifate of Medina, which was a tributary state to the Kashildun Caliphate. Her parents are thought to have been lower middle class bakers in the village and sent her off to a Madrasa in Mecca at the age of 12. She studied there for two years getting an education in Arabic before moving back at 14. Some described her as a very quiet person unless aggravated. She became disgruntled with the political situation in the region in the years leading up to the start of the Blue Flag Revolution. It is thought she took training for defense by her father who may have served in the Sharifate's army.

Republic of Mecca

Upon declaration of the State of Cordoba she, at age 17, moved to Mecca and found her way into the resistance forming there under Yaqub el-Rahim. Due to her knowledge of Arabic she ranked up becoming on of 10 top generals. In February of 1495 the Republic of Mecca was declared and the city of Mecca was taken over. She primarily served in region she was from between Medina Alrasul and Mecca most notably in 1496 during the battle of her childhood village, Hudabiyah.

The Islamic Republic

Commander of the 2nd Meccan Militia

Prime Minister of the Council