Emirate of Deltino

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Emirate of Deltino

إمارة دلتينو
Flag of Deltino
Seal of Deltino
Motto: الحرية بالله والعزيمة
Freedom Through God and Determination
Anthem: None
Land claimed by the Emirate of Deltino.
Land claimed by the Emirate of Deltino.
StatusUnrecognized breakaway state
CapitalCiudad Rey Alfonso I (claimed)
Unknown (de facto)
Largest cityKandar (controlled)
Official languagesDeltinian Arabic
Deltinian Islam (official)
GovernmentIslamic totalitarian theocracy
• Emir
Hasan al-Ahsan
• Declared independence
26 October 2003
CurrencyNone (de jure)
Creeperian Colón (de facto)
Time zoneAMT–5
Driving sideright

Deltino, officially the Emirate of Deltino (Arabic: إمارة دلتينو; transliterated as: iimarat diltinu) is an unrecognized Creeperian breakaway state located in southern Creeperopolis claiming land from the department of Deltino. The region is considered by the Terraconserva Council of Nations to be part of Creeperopolis.