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Eminoplean in both the Iberic and Nasthleeq scripts
Native toEminople
Greater Sacramento
RegionSouth Ostlandet and South Ecros
Native speakers
221 million
Ecrosian Aversentian
Early forms
Standard forms
Arabic Script
Official status
Official language in
Greater Sacramento
Language codes
ISO 639-1Ss
ISO 639-2Iss
ISO 639-3Iss

Eminopler is an Aversentian language spoken primarily in Eminople but nativley by 8 million people in Greater Sacramento and as a second language by many people. It is also an official language of Aurebeshia and the Terraconserva Council of Nations as well as holding official status in Eminople and Greater Sacramento.

The language evolved during the 400s after the collapse of the Aversentian Empire and continued to evolve after the break up of the Old Republic. While dialects varied heavily in this time period the language stayed as one leading into the United Republic of Eminople. The language today is mainly consistent though there is notable difference between the dialect that emerged in Greater Sacramento with more frequent loan words from Azumanakan and Arabic but still intelligible by speakers from Eminople.