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Total population
224.5 million (2019)
Regions with significant populations
Southern Ostlandet and South Eastern Ecros
Eminople219 million
Greater Sacramento Greater Sacramento8.7 million
Xusma.jpeg Xusma~500,000
Ahfariq Islam
Related ethnic groups
Xussmans, Gandorians

Eminopleans are an ethnic group originating from Eminople. They speak Eminopler though Arabic tends to be a common second language for the population in Greater Sacramento and for about 40% of the population in Eminople. Today they can be divided into the population living in Eminople where the majority reside and the eight million who live in Greater Sacramento with Islam having affected their culture heavily.

Azumankan Eminopleans

Traditional Eminoplean Dress in Greater Sacramento

Eminopleans in Azumanaka have become the largest diaspora of Eminopleans outside of Eminople. The groups arrived after the Blue Flag Revolution in the 1500s and are the largest group in Greater Sacramento to not have existed before the revolution. They are predominantly Muslim at around 93% though there is a minority who are either Christian and Atheist. The culinary styles and dressing styles have also fused with neighboring groups, mainly the Azumanakans. Notable people include Jack Hannason who was the first Eminoplean Chancellor in Greater Sacramento.