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United Republic of Eminople

Den forente republikk Eminopel
Flag of Eminople
Coat of arms of Eminople
Coat of arms
Motto: "Flagget en gang hevet vil aldri falle"
Lyoan: "The flag once raised will never fall"
and largest city
Official languagesEminopler
No Official
GovernmentConstitutional Republic
• President
Ethan DiMartino
• Total
3,692,656 sq mi (9,563,940 km2)
• (2018 estimate) estimate
219 million (4th)
GDP (nominal)2018 estimate
• Total
£7.6 Trillion (4th)
• Per capita
£34,695 (3rd)
Gini (2018)Positive decrease 30
HDI (2018)Increase 0.95
very high · 3rd
CurrencyEminoplean Dollar (EMD)
Time zoneAMT+6,+7,+8,+9,+10,+11,+12 (Eminoplean Standard Timezones)
Driving sideright
Calling code+6
Internet TLD.emn

Eminople, officially the United Republic of Eminople (Eminopler: Den forente republikk Eminopel) is the largest nation on the main eastern landmass of Terraconserva. It is bordered to the north by Willdavie, to the east by the Almanople Ocean, to the west by the Alathlasiu Ocean, and to the south by Xusma. Eminople’s largest and capital city is Lafayette, but Eminopolis is also a large and renowned city, among others.

Eminople's earliest founding was thousands of years ago when The Eminoplean Tribe was formed. For many years they grew in size and eventually formed the Avansert Empire in the year of 360 B.C. For hundreds of years the empire expanded and ravaged tribes such as The Xusbians where it's believed that 50% of the tribe was massacred. Also under their grasp was another tribe known as The Tribe of Gandor who had surrendered in fear of being slaughtered. The empire grew so large to cover all of the present day borders of Eminople and all of the southern part of the coninent. However, shortly after the height of the empire in 211 A.D. it was cursed with incompetent emperors and a shrinking border. Many Eminopleans eventually became tired of this and rebelled against the empire in 326 A.D. which is now known as The Great Divide. The civil war lasted for more than a hundred years and ended in 452 A.D. In 454 A.D. the Eminopleans formed what is commonly referred to as the Old Republic. The newly formed republic didn't last long and collapsed in 528 A.D. After the collapse, many Eminopleans spread out and created small kingdoms. For hundreds of years these kingdoms fought each other and no single kingdom was necessarily dominant. In the 1200's a small kingdom known as the Kingdom of Lafayette began growing in size through marriages and simply taking over the other kingdoms. After conquering all of the kingdoms, it was renamed to the Kingdom of Eminople. For years the House of Erikson ruled the Kingdom until a series of poor decisions, poor conditions, and inspired by the Blue Flag Revolution a civil war broke out in 1513. After the Ten Year Revolution, the United Republic of Eminople was created in 1523. After a long period of reconstruction, Eminople had the Eminoplean Golden Age in 1683 which helped propel the country onto the world stage. During that time Eminople also expanded into its current day borders. Since then technology and science has been a major focus for Eminople. Eminople maintains close relations with New Gandor, Greater Sacramento, and fellow members of Aurebeshia. Eminople also has a noteworthy diplomatic relationship with Quebecshire. Eminople is a founding member and is a Big Three nation of the Terraconserva Council of Nations. Today, Eminople is led by President Ethan DiMartino.


Pre Monarchy Era

Eminoplean Tribes

Avansert Empire

The Great Divide

The Old Republic

Monarchy Era

Kingdom of Lafayette

Kingdom of Eminople

Ten Year Revolution

Republic Era

United Republic of Eminople

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