Edward Calhoun

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Edward Calhoun
Stonewall Jackson colorized photo.jpg
34th Secretary of the Interior (Sequoyah)
In office
April 20, 2018 – June 30th, 2020
Personal details
Edward John Calhoun

1976 (age 44–45)
Freemont, Sequoyah
Political partyUnitarian
Spouse(s)Maria Calhoun
Alma materAngeles Military College
Military Officer
Military service
AllegianceSequoyah flag.gif Sequoyah
Years of service1999-2015
RankBrigadier General
Battles/warsSequoyan Frontier Wars

Calhoun served as the Secretary of the Interior under President Odysseus Stanford. He is well-known for his nationalist and conservative views.


Early Life

Calhoun was the first born of the Calhoun Family, one of the largest Sequoyan plantation families. 6 months after his birth, the Calhoun Family Plantation was razed by a group of Navaja bandits. Calhoun's mother and sister were raped and killed, and Calhoun himself was saved by a Sequoyan maid who hid in the swamps. Soon, Calhoun was returned to his father at the plantation. His father shipped Calhoun to a Catholic boarding school in San Juan Diego, where Calhoun was introduced to Creeperian politics. Calhoun developed a fascination with Creeperian politics and decided that Sequoyah must re-instute the monarchy and eliminate the natives, as Creeperopolis was doing, fi it was ever to become a succesful state.

Military Career

In 1999 Calhoun enrolled at Angeles Military College and graduated in 2 years as a junior grade Lieutenant, assigned to the 12th Infantry. Calhoun was known for his viscous nature and led 40 troops into a massacre lead by Cheyall Chief Rushing Waters. Calhoun and two of his men were the only survivors. This deepened his hatred of the tribals. In 2003, Calhoun was promoted to Senior Lieutenant. He oversaw the complete destruction of a group of Cheyall Dog Soldiers in the Battle of Little creek with a group of 100 men under his command, losing 76 men in the process. Despite the heavy losses, Calhoun was promoted to Captain in 2004. Calhoun won a string of several "battles," although his attacks typically occurred on tribal villages in Arapaho. Chief Warhorse III declared Calhoun the primary enemy of the Navaja and placed a bounty of 12 pounds of gold on Calhoun's head. Calhoun responded with the Sun temple massacre in 2006, killing 231 Navaja and 2 of Warhorse's wives. Due to a concern within the Sequoyan military that Calhoun's military operations would be viewed negatively, Calhoun was reassigned to the San Juan Diego Militia. Calhoun constructed fortifications in the swamps surrounding San Juan Diego (city). Following four years of peace in San Juan Diego, Calhoun was again reassigned to the 12th infantry and promoted to Lt Colonel. Calhoun was accused of ethnic cleansing agsinst the Cheyall, ordering his men to raze several villages. The violence continued to escalate, with reprisals against Sequoyan settlements occuring just as often as the Sequoyan destruction of Cheyall villages. It is estimated that Calhoun is personally responsible for the deaths of 567 tribals. In 2012, Calhoun was promoted to Brigadier General, Commander of the forces of Eastern Sequoyah. He ordered his men to shoot any tribals crossing into Eastern Sequoyah and created a strict border. In 2015, Calhoun retired as one of the most popular generals in Eastern Sequoyah for the severe lack of tribal attacks in Eastern Sequoyah. He returned to his plantation until 2018.

Political Career

In 2018, Calhoun was nominated as Secretary of the Interior by President Odysseus Stanford. As Head of the Interior Department, Calhoun evicted over 10,000 tribals camping on Sequoyan federal lands. He also sold off large swaths of federal lands in New Austin to Gowen Iron and Petroleum. Following the Siege of Freemont and the Treaty of Freemont, Calhoun was stripped of his position. He began a lecture circuit in Freemont and Angeles, decrying the Adama adminastration, accusing them of promoting "race-mixing" and destroying the Sequoyan Church. He demanded the removal of tribals from all of Sequoyah and the settlement of all land in Sequoyah by Sequoyans. In 2020, Calhoun was nominated by the United Sequoyah Party to run for President in the 2020 Sequoyan Presidential Election.