Dubătemir Regional Insurgency

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Dubătemir Regional Insurgency
2 F-02 Sabie's.jpg
2 F-02 Sabies from Airwing "Falgel" after a sortie.
  • 28 August 2012 – 11 November 2022
  • (10 years, 2 months and 2 weeks)

Pavulturilori Victory

Commanders and leaders
Urial Ben-Yuval
Units involved
Pavulturilori People's Army
350,000 soldiers, 100 tanks, 56 helicopters, 2 Airwings, 1 Destroyer, 3 Frigates, 5 Corvettes, 18 Patrol Crafts. 50,600 (approximately)
Casualties and losses
5 Patrol Crafts Destroyed, 2 Firgates Damaged, 3 helicopters destroyed, 11 tanks damaged, 8 tanks captured, 16-17 trucks destroyed, 11,710-10,160 dead (soldiers), 1540-1600 dead (Civilians), 934 injured. 50,600 dead, 326 capctured (Later Executed), 1,200 Injured (Later Executed), 8 tanks (captured) destroyed, 1 boat destroyed.

The Dubătemir Regional Insurgency the name given to the skirmishes conducted in the Dubătemir Region of Pavulturilor between the National Armed Forces of Pavulturilor and the Pavulturilori People's Army.


After an unseccessful attemp to install a communist goverment, the Pavulturilori People's Army moved to stage an insurgancy in the Dubătemir Region.

The Insurgancy

a seiries of six skirmishes conducted by Pavulturilori People's Army against local Pavulturilori Army garrisons, most notably, Outpost 23 skirmish.

following the intensifing skirmishes, the Provisional Authority of Pavulturilor ordered the deployment of Additonal military forces on 14 October 2012.

Following the shotdown of a PAA-22 attack helicopter, Redemption Army Group launched a recovery operation of the 2 pilots, which was ultimately successful.

Motorized Company 1 was sent to renforce outpost 24, on Highway 4 it was ambushed by Pavulturilori People's Army members.

Followoing a terrotistic kidnapping, 2 Cadres from Army Group II were deployed to take care of the situation, ultimatly it led to disaster.

Following the situation's turning for the worse , the Provisional Authority of Pavulturilor has orders the region will enter a complete lcokdown starting at 19 september 2022.

Battle of Dubătemir

At 8:00 on 22 September 2022, Pavulturilori People's Army members have stormed the Office of the High Regional Comissar of Dubătemir and forced the local administration to flee.

The rest of the forces of Division 1 were engadged in heavy fighting with the Pavulturilori People's Army in the cities streets, and by late afternoon, were orderd to retreat and encircle the city.

Following the city's fall, the Pavulturilori Air Force has begun to conduct an air bombing campaign of key locations in the city.

Following 27 September 2022, the city's ports are blockaded by the Pavulturilori Navy.

Following orders from 10 of december 2022, the morning of the following day, Army Group II and Army Group Redemtion stormed the city, comabting the members of the Pavulturilori People's Army until it's total eradication, rendering the organization defunct, and the insugency ended.

At 6:00 11 November 2022 local time, Army Group II and Redemption Army Group have stormed the city, fierce fighting between them and the Pavulturilori People's Army ensued, by its end, the city was liberated, and the Pavulturilori People's Army was renderd defuncted and destroyed completely, ending the insurgency.

Ajaki Intervention

After the arrival of a member of a Pavulturilori People's Army to Ajakanistan, it's Supreme Leader Vladimir Kareiv has ordered the launch of a supply convoy to aid the rebeles in Pavulturilor.

Battle of the Romanyan Sea

At 3:00 in the morning, 16 October 2022, 3 ships were detected heading towards Pavulturilor National Waters, the South Pavulturilori Fleet, which was aware of the ships' probable origin was sent to intercept and Airwing "Vteaz" was launched to aid in the interception as well, several hours later at 10:00, the ships were identified as ships of the Ajak Navy, and were destroyed and most of their crew were killed.