Dontalamh District Assembly

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Dontalamh District Assembly

Comhthionól Ceanntair Dontalamh (Gjorkan)
ᚇᚑᚅᚈᚐᚂᚐᚋᚆ ᚇᚔᚄᚈᚏᚔᚉᚈ ᚐᚄᚄᚓᚋᚁᚂᚔ (Akaroan)
The Assembly Building in Nua Ross
Myles Felan, CDD
since December 13, 2020
Majority Leader
Liam Callaghan, CDD
since September 30, 2008
Minority Leader
Hani Himona, CNA
since September 30, 2018
Dontalamh District Assembly.png
Political groups
Majority coalition (32)
  Dontalamh People's Party (20)
  Union (12)

Opposition (18)

  New Akaroan Alliance (16)
  Akaroa Now (2)
Length of term
2.5 years
First past the post
Last election
June 30, 2021
Next election
December 30, 2023

The Dontalamh District Assembly (Gjorkan: Comhthionól Ceanntair Dontalamh, Akaroan: ᚇᚑᚅᚈᚐᚂᚐᚋᚆ ᚇᚔᚄᚈᚏᚔᚉᚈ ᚐᚄᚄᚓᚋᚁᚂᚔ;Runanga Takiwa o Dontalam) is the legislature for the Gjorkan Autonomous District of Dontalamh. It is a unicameral body elected every 2 and a half years. The District Assembly has significantly more power than the Senates of other Districts including regulation of education, determine local voting laws, and district languages among others.

The District Assembly has been controlled by the Dontalamh People's Party (CDD) for nearly it's entire history until in the 2021 election where the CDD lost it's majority. The CDD still held a plurality of seats and negotiated a majority government with Union.