Deltinian Liberation Army

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Deltinian Liberation Army
جيش التحرير الدلتيني
Participant in the Deltinian Insurgency
Flag of the JTD
Flag of the JTD
Deltinian separatism
Political positionFar-right
Motive(s)Deportation of the Deltinians
Anti-Creeperian sentiment
Anti-Catholic sentiment
FounderKanaan al-Bashir
AlqayidHasan al-Ahsan
Area of operationsDeltino
Allies Society of Deltinian Brothers
Deltinian Unification Alliance
Army of Muhammad (2003–2004)
Emirate of Deltino
Deltinian Righteous Army (since 2006)
Army of Jihad (since 2007)
People's Defense Militia (2019–2020)
Opponent(s) Creeperopolis
Romerist and Fascist Nationalists
Battles and war(s)Deltinian Insurgency
Designated as a terrorist organisation by
 El Salvador
State of the Church State of the Church

The Deltinian Liberation Army (Deltinian Arabic: جمعية الاخوة الدلتينيين; transliterated as: Jaysh al-Tahrir al-Daltaynii) is a Deltinian Muslim militant group and terrorist organization.

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