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The name "Davinish" used with the Iberic Script
Native toWilldavie
Date15th century
Native speakers
100 million (2019)
Early form
  • Willdavisians
Official status
Official language in
Willdavie Willdavie
Regulated byKantoor Willdavisien du Davinois
Language codes
ISO 639-1da
ISO 639-2dav (B)
dav (T)
ISO 639-3dav

Davinish (davinois ɖɑʋɪŋœɪ or langue davinoise la lɑ̃ɡ ɖɑʋɪŋœɪɛ) is a language descending from the Northern Ayreoshubic family and more precisely from Quebecshirite. Davinish evolved from Quebecshirite in the beginning of the 16th century, when Willdavisians Nationalists wanted to separate in every way of Quebecshire. The Quebecshirite spoken in Lévis, is the most closest to Davinish, since they grew together over the years. A Davinish speaking person is referred to as a Davinophone.

Davinish is the official language in Willdavie. The language is supervised under the Kantoor Willdavisien du Davinois. Davinish is also one of the official language in the Terraconserva Economic Union. In 2019, 84% of the Davinophone (including the secondary speakers) were living in Willdavie. Davinish is also one of the language with the most secondary speakers (9th) due to his big worldwide representation, due to the statut of the city of Lévis being the movie capital of Terraconserva.

According to the Kantoor Willdavisien du Davinois, around 127 000 000 individuals are able to speak the language. According to a demographic projection, the total number of Davinish speakers will reach 180 million by 2030, and 235 million by 2050. At these times, secondary speakers will represent 29,79% of the total population of the Davinophonie sphere.


Early forms

Early forms of Davinish started to sprout in the 15th century, as Willdavisian Quebecshirite was being influenced by natives languages. Making the Quebecshirite being spoken in Willdavie, a different dialect from the one in Quebecshire. Over the decades, even though the colonist were killing the natives, their culture got extremely influenced, leading to creations of new words. At this stage, Davinish was still a dialect and was called Quebecshirite-Willdavisian.

Creation of Davinish

Early, at the beginning of the 16th century, Quebecshire , even though they were not pre-occupied by it, leading to the angerness of the population. At firsts, the citizens were not , as they didn't want to. So were sent with a small amount of soldiers, to ultimately scare the population. In response, Willdavisians started to speak with a strong accent, so the natives , couldn't understand them. Quebecshire, annoyed by this fact, sent more soldiers, to keep an eye on Willdavisians citizens. Leading to people mostly speaking their dialect in every way they could.

Ultimately, some riots started to sprout in some cities such as Lévy, such as the famous one, on February 17th, 1544, where 5 Willdavisians were killed by soldiers. Leading to some "coureurs des bois" leaving to alert the other cities around.

The country, now in hate of Quebecshire, started multiple everywhere across the nation, leading to the soldiers, going back in their motherland. At this point, a nationalist sentiment was widely spread across Willdavie. But there was still a lot of Pro-Quebecshire citizens. Leading to a rivalry between the two groups. Nationalists, started to promote the strong use of Quebecshirite-Willdavisian, meanwhile the other clan promote the use of a more International use of the language, similar to the one spoken in Quebecshire. Over a couple of years, Willdavisians nationalists, started to proclaim that their dialect had so much evolved from Quebecshirite, that it was a different language, they would find a name for it, "Davinois". Quebecshire, refused to accept it as an independant language, and proclaimed it was a dialect, and still is as of 2020.


Davinish find it's early forms from Quebecshirite, since at the beginning, Willdavie was a Quebecshirite colony.

Geographic Distribution


Eastern Landmass

Map of Davinish speakers on the eastern continent

Spoken by 11,66% of the Eastern landmass, Davinish is the fourth most spoken language on the continent. After Reian. Under the Constitution of Willdavie, Davinish is the official language of the Confederation since 1617. Willdavie mandates the use of Davinish in official government institution, public education, legal contracts and advertisement must be translated fully in Davinish.

Davinish is also a language widely spoken in Eminople, as a secondary one (around 7 million users). The Davinois is teached in Eminoplean classes as a optional language. Around 26% of the secondary speakers lives in Eminople.

7 million people out of the Quebecshirite minority in Willdavie are able to speak Davinish.

There is around 500 thousand people speaking Davinish in Koryo it's representing around 2% of the number of secondary speakers worldwide.

There is a small minority speaking Davinish as a secondary language in Reia (47 000)

Western Landmass

Southern Landmass

A very few people speak Davinish on the Southern Landmass, Because Willdavie had strained relations with Creeperopolis for over 60 years, and that Rakeo don't have a international representation for languages. And as of Sequoyah, the country is too much backward so the people don't learn multiple languages.


Current status and importance


Consonant phonemes in Davinish
Labial Dental/
Nasal m n ɲ ŋ
Stop voiceless p b t k
voiced b d ɡ
Fricative voiceless f s ʃ ʁ ɣ
voiced v z ʒ
Approximant plain l j

Writing System

Here is a use of Davinish.

Ils voulaient nous proppen

Vous alliez fuir naar zo'en hoek ?

Comment osez-vous me parler sur ce ton ?

Laten we wegrennen, anders vermoorden de aborigènes ons

Maärk Dubé, Gloire aan de sept kolonisten, 1928


Davinish use the Iberic Script so the alphabet goes like this.

basic Iberic alphabet
Uppercase Latin alphabet A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Lowercase Latin alphabet a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z



Davinish's grammar is similar to Quebecshirite such as the intax, and some verb morpholgy.

Standard davinish use two genders, female and male.