Cultural Restoration

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The Great Cultural Restoration
MotiveIdeological renewal
ParticipantsRakeo Stratocratic Authority

The Cultural Restoration, also known as the Great Cultural Restoration, was a period of violence in Rakeo lasting from XXXX to XXXXX, instigated by General Secretary Richard Cornell to retain control over the country through a destruction of institutions and individuals opposed to governmental policies.

The enemies of Rakeo will persist as long as we permit them to. We have given them time to sharpen their blades, and now must weather the blows if we are to succeed.

— Richard Cornell


Military leadership purges

Torn Cloth Revolt


Creation of the Militant Guard

The Militant Guard was originally an elite of soldiers tasked with guarding government buildings from attack. Over time, members built up paramilitaries, often made up of disaffected local youth.

Academia purges

Industrial leadership purges

Union removal

Economical planning