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Shirt badge/Association crest
Nickname(s)The Team (Լա'Սելեծծիօն/La'Selección)
AssociationNational Football Association (ANF)
ConfederationCONFUSUR (Sur)
Head coachCarlos Cobos Cruz
CaptainAlberto Pacheco Hernández
Most capsVíctor Pacheco Durán (201)
Top scorerVíctor Pacheco Durán (91)
Home stadiumEmperor Adolfo III Stadium
TC codeCRE
Home colors
Away colors
Alternate colors
Terraconservan Cup rankings
CurrentSteady 1
Highest1 (Several occasions)
Lowest10 (1951)
First international
Creeperopolis Creeperopolis 6–0 El Salvador El Salvador
(San Salvador, Creeperopolis; 18 November 1900)
Biggest win
Creeperopolis Creeperopolis 21–0 Castilliano Castilliano
(San Salvador, Creeperopolis; 2 December 1900)
Biggest defeat
Salisford Salisford 7–1 Creeperopolis Creeperopolis
(Croca, Salisford; 11 November 1951)
Terraconservan Cup
Appearances20 (first in 1928)
Best resultChampions (1928, 2016)
Copa Sur
Appearances21 (first in 1922)
Best resultChampions

The Creeperopolis national football team (Creeperian SpanishCreeperian: Սելեծծիօն նածիոնալ դե ֆղտբոլ դե Ծրեեպերոպօլիս; Creeperian Spanish – Iberic: Selección nacional de fútbol de Creeperopólis), officially the National Football Team of the Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis (Creeperian Spanish – Creeperian: Սելեծծիօն Նածիոնալ դե Ֆղտբոլ դել Սանտո Իմպերիո Տրադիծիոնալիստա դե Ծրեեպերոպօլիս; Creeperian Spanish – Iberic: Selección Nacional de Fútbol del Santo Imperio Tradicionalista de Creeperopólis) is the national level football team of Creeperopolis. The team is managed by the National Football Association (ANF), the governing body of professional football in Creeperopolis.

The team has appeared in and won several Terraconservan Cup Finals, most recently winning in 2016 in Greater Sacramento.[1] The Creeperopolis national team is considered to be one of the best national football teams on the planet.

The Emperor Adolfo III Stadium in San Salvador is the official home stadium of the national team. Since 1991, the national team has had an indefinite kit sponsorship with Alvarado Deportes. Víctor Pacheco Durán is the all-time scorer at 91 goals and the most capped player at 201 caps. His son, Alberto Pacheco Hernández, is the higher active scorer at 48 goals and most capped active player at 116 caps.


Establishment, 1900–1928

Gustavo Marroquín Herrera scored the first Creeperian international goal.

The Creeperopolis national football team was established in 1900. The team played its first international match on 18 November 1900 as a part of the Siglo XX Games, an international tournament between the national teams of Creeperopolis, Atlántida, Castilliano, El Salvador, and the State of the Church. The first match the team played was against El Salvador, in which the team won by a score of 6–0. Gustavo Marroquín Herrera scored all six of Creeperopolis' goals. Creeperopolis' second game was on 22 November 1900 against Castilliano, in which the team won by a score of 4–0. The team's third game was on 24 November 1900 against the State of the Church, in which the team won by a score of 6–0. The teams fourth and final game of the group stage was against Atlántida, in which the team won by a score of 2–0. The team finished the group stage with a perfect 12 points and a goal differential of +18; the team scored 18 goals and was not scored upon once.

The only known photo of the Siglo XX Games Final, where Creeperopolis defeated Castilliano 21–0.

Creeperopolis advanced to the knockout stage of the Siglo XX Games as first in the group and played its first match against Atlántida, which finished in fourth in the group, on 28 November 1900. Creeperopolis won the match by a score of 3–0, eliminating Atlántida and advancing to the Final. Creeperopolis faced Castilliano in the Final. Earlier in the tournament, Creeperopolis won by a score of 4–0. When the match started, Creeperian Humberto Gómez Serrano scored a goal at the 56 second mark, gaining Creeperopolis a 1–0 lead in the 1st minute. Marroquín Herrera then scored in the 8th minute, and at the 10th minute, Castillianan goalkeeper Manuel Rodríguez Torra scored an own goal. Víctor Recinos Yagüe scored at the 12th minute and Marroquín Herrera scored again at the 19th minute on a penalty. With the match at 5–0 at the 19th minute, the match had been effectively already decided. Marroquín Herrera went on to score eight goals during the match, an international record, and Creeperopolis won by a score of 21–0, also an international record. Creeperopolis ended the tournament 42–0, not being scored on once.

After the tournament, the Creeperopolis national team was accused of bribing the referees of the six matches they played to rule favorably to the Creeperian team and to rule negatively against their opponents. The Creeperopolis national team vehemently denied bribing any match officials to rule in their favor and to give them an unfair advantage. Several of the referees also came out denying being bribed to rule in favor of the Creeperans.

Entry to the Terraconservan Cup and civil war, 1928–1951

Reentry to the Terraconservan Cup, 1951–2003

Modern era, 2003–present

Team image


The Creeperian team is commonly known by fans as Los'Romeristos, Creeperian Spanish for The Romerists, in reference to the Catholic Imperial Restoration Council of the Creeperian Civil War, who were also known as Romerists after their leader, Emperor Romero I. Other nicknames include El Negro y Gualda, Creeperian Spanish for The Black and Gold, and La'Selección, Creeperian Spanish for The Team.

Style of play


The first kit of the Creeperopolis national team bore the colors of the national flag: black and white. The kit remained in black and white until 1923, when manager Ramón Osorio Molina had the team change its kit to be the colors red and blue. The decision was made due to Marroquín Herrera's murder the year prior and that the national team wanted to pay homage to him, as red and blue were reportedly his favorite colors. After the Creeperian Civil War and the negative connotations of the color red, the colors were briefly reverted back to black and white, however, they were returned to red and blue in 1953 and remain the colors of the national team to the present day.

1900–1923 Home
1900–1923 Away
1900–1923 Alternate
1923–1933 Home
1923–1933 Away
1923–1933 Alternate
1951–1953 Home
1951–1953 Away
1951–1953 Alternate
1953–1961 Home
1953–1961 Away
1953–1961 Alternate
1961–1982 Home
1961–1982 Away
1961–1982 Alternate
1982–2002 Home
1982–2002 Away
1982–2002 Alternate
2002–2012 Home
2002–2012 Away
2002–2012 Alternate
2012–present Home
2012–present Away
2012–present Alternate

Kit supplier

Kit supplier Period Notes
Creeperopolis Deportes León 1900
Creeperopolis Deportes Nacional Nariño 1901–1923
Creeperopolis Deportes León 1923–1933
Creeperopolis Deportes León 1951–1961
Creeperopolis Deportes Nacional Nariño 1961–1990
Creeperopolis Alvarado Deportes 1990–present Contracted indefinitely

Home stadium

The home stadium of the Creeperopolis national team is the Emperor Adolfo III Stadium in San Salvador, San Salvador. The stadium has served as the home of the team since its opening in 1987. Prior to 1987, the home stadium of the national team was the San Salvador National Stadium beginning in 1956, and the San Salvador City Field beginning in 1900.

The team also used the CORNACA Stadium in San Romero, San Romero, and the 18 June Stadium in Adolfosburg, Adolfosburg, in 2011 when the Emperor Adolfo III Stadium was undergoing renovations.

Media coverage

Every game of the national team is broadcast in Creeperopolis over the ANF-operated Channel 4. Domestic Creeperian games are commonly delayed if they conflict with the schedule of the national team.





National team staff

Current technical staff

Role Name
Head Coach Creeperopolis Carlos Cobos Cruz
Assistant Coach Creeperopolis Jesús Gómez Casas
Goalkeeping Coach Creeperopolis José Ochotorena Carpio
Fitness Coach Creeperopolis Rafael Fuentes Pérez
Data Analysts Creeperopolis Aitor Unzué Menea
Creeperopolis Juan Herrador González
Psychologist Creeperopolis Joaquín Valdés Valdés
Video Analyst Creeperopolis Pablo Piñón Peña
Doctor Creeperopolis Juan García Cota
Physiotherapists Creeperopolis Lorenzo Pozo Salinas
Creeperopolis Raúl Santos Guerrero
Creeperopolis Manuel Gutiérrez Dávalos
Creeperopolis Juan Herranz Rivera
Creeperopolis Fernando Velázquez Galván
Kit men Creeperopolis Joaquín Retamosa Piñón
Creeperopolis Damián García Galán
Creeperopolis Antonio Guerra Franco
Sporting Director Creeperopolis José Moreno Molina
Team Manager Creeperopolis Antonio Limones González
Delegate Creeperopolis Pedro Alvarado Cortéz

Manager history

Period Name
1900–1906 Creeperopolis Guillermo Funes Alvarado
1906–1911 Creeperopolis Gustavo Marroquín Herrera
1911–1915 Creeperopolis Alexander Galán Merino
1915–1918 Creeperopolis Ricardo Mendoza Yagüe
1918–1920 Creeperopolis José Ramírez Ramírez
1920–1924 Creeperopolis Ramón Osorio Molina
1924–1927 Creeperopolis Humberto Menéndez Salinas
1927–1928 Creeperopolis Adolfo Piñón Guerrero
1928–1930 Creeperopolis Juan Meléndez Gutiérrez
Period Name
1930–1933 Creeperopolis Simón Dávalos Figueroa
1951–1952 Creeperopolis José Huerta Portillo
1952–1955 Creeperopolis César Hurtado Díaz
1955–1962 Creeperopolis Carlos Buenaventura Tejón
1962–1968 Creeperopolis Basilio Guevara Dávalos
1968–1969 Creeperopolis Daniel Mendoza Zaldívar
1969–1970 Creeperopolis Mario Umaña Revelo
1970–1980 Creeperopolis José Pérez Pérez
1980–1981 Creeperopolis Alfredo Bermúdez Sarmiento
Period Name
1981–1988 Creeperopolis Diego Guzmán Fuentes
1988–1994 Creeperopolis Manuel Luján Castellanos
1994–1996 Creeperopolis Alexander Hernández Obregón
1996–2001 Creeperopolis Sergio López Valdéz
2001–2006 Creeperopolis Édgar Rosales Muñoz
2006–2008 Creeperopolis Jorge Sumpul Rivera
2008–2010 Creeperopolis Víctor Pacheco Durán
2010– Creeperopolis Carlos Cobos Cruz


Current squad

No. Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Goals Club
1 1GK Edimar Hernández Cruz (1985-01-04) 4 January 1985 (age 36) 39 1 Creeperopolis San Romero
18 1GK Kevin Carabantes Cruz (1993-03-20) 20 March 1993 (age 28) 11 0 Creeperopolis Victoria
22 1GK Óscar Pleitez Guerrero (1993-02-06) 6 February 1993 (age 28) 13 0 Creeperopolis Chalatenango

2 2DF Juan Barahona Salinas (Vice-captain) (1990-06-26) 26 June 1990 (age 31) 111 2 Creeperopolis San Salvador
3 2DF Alexander Mendoza Rodas (1990-06-04) 4 June 1990 (age 31) 37 0 Creeperopolis Adolfosburg
4 2DF Iván Mancía Ramírez (1989-05-01) 1 May 1989 (age 32) 34 1 Tirol Innsbruck
5 2DF Roberto Domínguez López (1993-05-09) 9 May 1993 (age 28) 22 0 Creeperopolis Salvador
14 2DF Rubén Marroquín Meléndez (1989-05-10) 10 May 1989 (age 32) 10 0 Creeperopolis San Salvador
16 2DF David Jiménez Guzmán (1992-07-12) 12 July 1992 (age 29) 10 0 Paleocacher Bullmar
21 2DF Alexander Tamacas López (1991-02-24) 24 February 1991 (age 30) 33 0 Creeperopolis San Salvador

6 3MF Oswaldo Orellana Gisbón (1995-01-28) 28 January 1995 (age 26) 20 1 Creeperopolis San Salvador
7 3MF Adelso Cerén Delgado (1989-12-31) 31 December 1989 (age 31) 43 2 Creeperopolis Adolfosburg
12 3MF Marvin Monterrosa Delzas (1991-01-03) 3 January 1991 (age 30) 7 0 Creeperopolis Victoria
13 3MF René González Leiva (1988-04-17) 17 April 1988 (age 33) 19 1 Creeperopolis Chalatenango
15 3MF Elías Cerén Delgado (1991-10-24) 24 October 1991 (age 29) 28 6 Creeperopolis Adolfosburg
19 3MF Tomás Granitto Heesch (1993-06-12) 12 June 1993 (age 28) 35 4 Paleocacher Gardena
20 3MF Alexander Flores Mejía (3rd captain) (1990-07-28) 28 July 1990 (age 31) 87 5 Creeperopolis San Romero
23 3MF Joaquín Rivas Corrales (1993-09-24) 24 September 1993 (age 28) 8 0 Creeperopolis San Salvador

8 4FW Érick Rivera Guerrero (1990-02-17) 17 February 1990 (age 31) 35 13 El Salvador Ciudad Los'Ángeles
9 4FW Bernardo Gil Salvatierra (1990-09-11) 11 September 1990 (age 31) 27 9 Creeperopolis Santa Ana
10 4FW Alberto Pacheco Hernández (Captain) (1985-12-01) 1 December 1985 (age 35) 116 48 Creeperopolis San Romero
11 4FW Carlos Portillo Leal (1991-12-26) 26 December 1991 (age 29) 21 9 Creeperopolis La'Libertad
17 4FW Rodolfo Zelaya García (1994-11-14) 14 November 1994 (age 26) 52 23 Creeperopolis Salvador


Individual records

Most capped players

Víctor Pacheco Durán is the most capped player and has the most goals with the national team.
Alberto Pacheco Hernández is the active player with the most caps and has the most goals with the national team.

Below is a list of the ten players with the most caps for Creeperopolis, as of 11 June 2021.

Rank Player Position Caps Goals Period
1 Víctor Pacheco Durán FW 201 91 1982–2006
2 José Moreno Menjíva DF 152 5 1970–1990
3 Diego Ramos Silva MF 130 14 1973–1992
4 Ramón Encarnación Ureña MF 129 13 1981–2000
5 Andrés Yagüe Rumano FW 125 40 1999–2018
6 Sergio Gutiérrez Dávalos GK 118 3 1951–1977
7 Alberto Pacheco Hernández FW 116 48 2008–present
8 Martín Zapata Hurtado DF 113 1 1968–1989
9 Juan Barahona Salinas DF 111 2 2011–present
10 Gerardo Payés Muñoz FW 110 38 1995–2016

Most goals

Below is a list of the top ten goalscorers for Creeperopolis, as of 11 June 2021.

Rank Player Goals Caps Average Period
1 Víctor Pacheco Durán 91 201 0.45 1982–2006
2 Armando Maradona Huerta 73 104 0.7 1975–1994
3 Felipe Mendoza Salinas 67 100 0.67 2000–2018
4 Mario Tejón Sandoval 62 103 0.6 1980–1997
5 Arturo Gutiérrez Guerrero 58 105 0.55 1959–1970
6 Martín Galdámez Fuentes 51 98 0.52 1959–1970
7 Alberto Pacheco Hernández 48 116 0.41 2008–present
8 Andrés Yagüe Rumano 40 125 0.41 1999–2018
9 Gustavo Marroquín Herrera 39 20 1.95 1900–1906
10 Alexander Menjíva Figueroa 35 88 0.4 1970–1985

Manager records

Most manager appearances

Carlos Cobos Cruz: 176

Team records


Competitive record

Terraconservan Cup

Terraconservan Cup record Terraconservan Cup qualification record
Year Round Place Pld W D* L GF GA GD PTS Pld W D* L GF GA GD PTS
Greater Sacramento 1928 Champions 1st 10 9 0 1 16 11 +5 18 No qualification
Creeperopolis 1932 To be determined Qualified automatically as defending champions
1936 Withdrew Withdrew
1952 To be determined To be determined
1956 To be determined To be determined
1960 To be determined To be determined
1964 To be determined To be determined
1968 To be determined To be determined
1972 To be determined To be determined
1976 To be determined To be determined
1980 To be determined To be determined
1984 To be determined To be determined
1988 To be determined To be determined
1992 To be determined To be determined
1996 To be determined To be determined
2000 To be determined To be determined
2004 To be determined To be determined
2008 To be determined To be determined
2012 To be determined To be determined
Greater Sacramento 2016 Champions 1st 5 4 1 0 12 5 +7 13 6 3 2 1 10 6 +4 11
2020 To be determined To be determined
*Denotes draws include knockout matches decided on penalty kicks.
**Red border color indicates tournament was held on home soil.

Copa Sur

Copa Sur record
Year Round Place Pld W D* L GF GA GD PTS
1922 To be determined
1926 To be determined
1930 To be determined
1934 Withdrew
1954 To be determined
1958 To be determined
1962 To be determined
1966 To be determined
1970 To be determined
1974 To be determined
1978 To be determined
1982 To be determined
1986 To be determined
1990 To be determined
1994 To be determined
1998 To be determined
2002 To be determined
2006 To be determined
2010 To be determined
2014 To be determined
2018 To be determined
2022 To be determined
*Denotes draws include knockout matches decided on penalty kicks.
**Red border color indicates tournament was held on home soil.

Siglo XX Games

Siglo XX Games record
Year Round Position Pld W D L GF GA GD PTS
Creeperopolis 1900 Champions 1st 6 6 0 0 42 0 +42 18
Total 6 6 0 0 42 0 +42 18
*Denotes draws include knockout matches decided on penalty kicks.
**Red border color indicates tournament was held on home soil.

Results and fixtures


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