Creeperian Social Communist Party

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Creeperian Social Communist Party

Partido Comunista Social Creeperiano
FoundedMarch 17, 1888
BannedOctober 4, 1949
Split fromCreeperian Socialist Party
HeadquartersSan Salvador, San Salvador
NewspaperEl Revolucionario
Youth wingComunistas Creeperianos
Membership (1930)1,678,000
  • Communism
  • Socialism
  • National Atheism
  • Internationalism
  • Hard-Abolitionism
  • Miguelism
Political positionFar-Left
Parliament (1932)
5 / 100
Party flag
Socialist red flag.svg

The Creeperian Social Communist Party (Creeperian Spanish: Partido Comunista Social Creeperiano) was a far-left political party during the Second Parliamentary Era of Creeperopolis.