Himno Real Creeperiano

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Himno Real Creeperiano
Translation: Creeperian Royal Anthem
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Royal anthem of Creeperopolis Creeperopolis
LyricsJuan Cañas Carmelo, 1834
MusicJuan Aberle Sforza, 1845
Adopted15 September 1845; 175 years ago (1845-09-15)
Readopted2 January 1933; 88 years ago (1933-01-02) (de facto)
4 October 1949; 71 years ago (1949-10-04) (de jure)
Relinquished31 December 1887; 133 years ago (1887-12-31)
Preceded byHimno Nacional Creeperiano (1845)
Himno de Creeperopólis (1933/49)
Succeeded byHimno de Creeperopólis (1887)
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The Himno Real Creeperiano (translated as the Creeperian Royal Anthem) is the national and royal anthem of Creeperopolis. The previous anthem, Himno Nacional Creeperiano (1565–1729, 1730–1845), was retired in favor of the new anthem.


The lyrics were written by Juan Cañas Carmelo in 1845 in Creeperian Spanish. The music was composed by Juan Aberle Sforza in 1845.

Although there are three verses with the chorus interspersed throughout, only a single rendition of the chorus and first verse are commonly sung at many events, as a full performance can take more than eleven minutes to complete. Complete performances are reserved for Imperial and Papal coronations, Imperial and Papal funerals, Imperial weddings, canonization of saints, and military parades.


Creeperian Spanish lyrics Translation

𝄆 Saludemos la'Patria grandioso
Salve'al Emperador que siempre nos guía.
Siempre seramos los'Creeperianos,
En nuestro corazón somos Católicos. 𝄇
𝄆 ¡Católicos, Católicos! 𝄇


En la'paz de los'Creeperianos,
Siempre libre nuestro gran país;
Dedicarnos'a la'Patria siempre,
Morimos por'el Emperador.
Somos Creeperianos en sangre
Y también en corazón: Católico.
Por'el Papa yel Emperador luchamos,
Luchamos por la'Patria también.
En luchar somos Cruzadores,
Cruzadores por la'gran Patria,
Cruzadores por'el Emperador,
¡Cruzadores por'nuestro gran Dios!
𝄆 ¡Para'nuestro gran Dios! 𝄇



"Devajo Dios yel Emperador,"
Gritaremos siempre con valor.
Enemigos siempre atacaron,
Creeperopólis siempre gano.
Nadien puede quitarnos la'fé,
La'fé en nuestro único Dios.
¡Único Dios!
La'fé en nuestro Emperador.
La'fé en nuestra gran Patria.
Siempre con Dios seramos libres,
Dedicamos nuestros vidas'a bos.
Dios, sin bos, todos seramos nada.
Dios, con bos, somos Cruzadores.
𝄆 ¡Somos Cruzadores! 𝄇



A la'lucha todos nos vamos,
Sacrificarnos por'el Emperador.
También para'Creeperopólis,
Y también para'nuestro Señor.
Siel enemigo me captura,
Yo me muero solo por mi'fé.
¡Por mi'fé!
Yo les digo que me crucifiquen.
Yo les digo que Dios voy'a veer.
Como un mártir quiero morir,
Moriría como murió Jesús.
Resucitaré como Jesús.
Y también entrará al'Cielo.
𝄆 ¡Entrará al'Cielo! 𝄇



𝄆 We salute the grand Fatherland,
Hail to the Emperor who always guides us.
[We] are forever the Creeperans,
In our heart[s] we are Catholics. 𝄇
𝄆 Catholics, Catholics! 𝄇


In the peace of the Creeperans,
Our great nation is always free:
[We] always dedicate ourselves to the Fatherland,
[We] will die for the Emperor.
We are Creeperian [by] blood,
And also [by] heart: Catholic.
[We] fight for the Pope and [for] the Emperor,
[We] also fight for the Fatherland.
Through warring, we are Crusaders,
Crusaders for the Fatherland.
Crusaders for the Emperor.
Crusaders for our grand God.
𝄆 For our grand God! 𝄇



"Under God and the Emperor,"
[We] will always yell with valor.
Enemies have always attacked us,
[And] Creeperopolis has always won.
No one can take away the faith,
The faith in our only God.
Only God!
The faith in our Emperor.
The faith in our grand Fatherland.
With God we are always free,
[We] dedicate our lives to you.
God, without you, [we] all are nothing.
God, with you, [we] are crusaders.
𝄆 [We] are crusaders! 𝄇



To the war we all go,
To sacrifice [ourselves] for the Emperor.
For Creeperopolis also,
And also for our Lord.
If the enemy captures me,
I shall die solely for my faith.
For my faith!
I shall tell them to crucify me.
I shall tell them that I will see God.
[I] want to die as a martyr,
[I] will die how Jesus died.
[I] will resurrect like Jesus [resurrected].
And [I] will enter Heaven.
𝄆 Enter Heaven! 𝄇


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