Creeperian Railroad Networks

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Redes Ferroviarias Creeperiano
Reporting markRFC (road locomotives)
RFCP (yard locomotives)
Locale Creeperopolis
 El Salvador
Flag of the Papal States (1825-1870).svg Papal State
Dates of operationSeptember 5, 2005 (2005-09-05)–April 4, 2020 (2020-04-04)
PredecessorAtlántidan Railroad Systems
Castillianan National Railroad
Creeperian Railroad Southern
Northern Creeperian Railroad Lines
San Salvador National Railroad
Salvadoran Railroad Networks
SuccessorNational Creeperian Railroad
Track gauge4ft. 8 1/2in.

The Creeperian Railroad Networks (Creeperian Spanish: Redes Ferroviarias Creeperiano, abbreviated RFC, officially the Creeperian Railroad Networks Company, Creeperian Spanish: Empressa de Redes Ferroviarias Creeperiano) was the largest freight railroad network in the Southern Landmass and in Creeperopolis, El Salvador, and the Papal State. RFC had 42,000 employees and more than 8,000 locomotives in 2019.

The Creeperian Railroad Networks Company was a merger of six major Creeperian railroad companies: the Atlántidan Railroad Systems, Castillianan National Railroad, Creeperian Railroad Southern, Northern Creeperian Railroad Lines, San Salvador National Railroad, and the Salvadoran Railroad Networks. The six national railroads were merged and the monopoly was privatized in 2007. According to corporate press releases, the RFC was among the top transporters of intermodal freight in the world. It also hauled bulk cargo, including enough coal to generate around ten per cent of the electricity produced in Creeperopolis.

The railroad's owner was Juan Maroto Carvallo and its CEO was Ramón Cambeiro Muñoz.



Type Quantity
B40-8 91
C40-8 333
C40-8W 50
C41-8W 154
C44-6AC 80
C44-9W 274
C44AC/CTE 1,485
C45AC/CTE 943
C60-4AC 176
C60AC 75
DDA40X 2
GP15-1 160
GP38-2 664
GP38AC 2
GP39-2 49
GP40 15
GP40-2 142
GP40-2P 2
GP40M-2 65
GP50 48
GP60 194
MP15AC 41
MP15DC 102
SD40-2 505
SD60 85
SD60M 560
SD70ACe 321
SD70M 1,445
SD90-3MAC 371
SD1500 18

Rolling Stock

At the end of 2018 the railway had more than 42,000 employees; 8,187 locomotives; and 94,538 freight cars.

  • Broken down by specific kind of car, the RFC owned:
    • 36,439 covered hopper cars
    • 15,948 boxcars
    • 13,690 gondola cars
    • 11,428 uncovered hopper cars
    • 10,470 flatcars
    • 4,196 refrigerated cars
    • 1,627 tank cars
    • 416 autoracks
    • 324 "other" types of cars
  • In addition, the railway also owned:
    • 3,253 domestic containers
    • 11,714 domestic chassis
    • 4,070 company service vehicles
    • 1,200 trailers

Notable Accidents