Creeperian National Military Tribunal

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Creeperian National Military Tribunal
Tribunal Militar Nacional Creeperiano
Established4 October 1949 (1949-10-04)
Jurisdiction Creeperopolis
MottoJusticia y Dignidad
Authorized byMilitary declaration
Appeals toEmperor
Judge term lengthLife
Number of positions9
LanguageCreeperian Spanish
Type of tribunalMilitary-Civilian
President of the Tribunal
CurrentlyAlexander II
Since18 June 2003
President Pro Tempore of the Tribunal
CurrentlyAugusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez
Since19 October 2002

The Creeperian National Military Tribunal (Creeperian Spanish: Tribunal Militar Nacional Creeperiano, commonly referred to as the TMNC or simply The Tribunal) is the highest court of Creeperopolis. It was established on 4 October 1949 after the Creeperian Civil War.


According to the official statement given by the Creeperian Army on 4 October 1949, the purpose of the tribunal was to:

"The purpose of this tribunal [Creeperian National Military Tribunal] is to try and convict those criminals that have committed outrageous and untolerable acts of treason, war crimes, human rights violations, or other crimes against the Fatherland [Creeperopolis]."

— Creeperian Army, 4 October 1949

The Army initially intended to dissolve the tribunal following the San Salvador, Adolfosburg, Salvador, and La'Libertad Trials in around 1950–1951, but after the trials concluded, the Army decided to keep the tribunal in place to serve as Creeperopolis' de facto judiciary since the High Court of Creeperopolis was de facto abolished when the tribunal was established. On 5 December 1953, Emperor Romero II and the Council of Mayors officially legalized the tribunal as Creeperopolis' judiciary. The tribunal was officially demilitarized and the seat count was raised from seven to nine. The Prince of Extremadura was established as the President of the Tribunal while the Minister of Defense of Creeperopolis was established as the President Pro Tempore of the Tribunal. The Emperor would serve as Acting President of the Tribunal if there was no Grand Prince to serve the role. The other seven seats were given to the other Ministers of Creeperopolis: Internal Affairs, External Affairs, Law Enforcement, Treasury, Labor, Education, and Transportation. The name "Creeperian National Military Tribunal" was reinforced by the tribunal itself on 15 September 1954.


On 15 September 1954, the tribunal stated its official funciton within Creeperopolis:

"The Creeperian National Military Tribunal was established by the Imperial Army of the Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis on 4 October 1949 to try and convict the Communist and Atheist war criminals of the Civil War from the "National Council for Peace and Order." The tribunal will continue to serve the Fatherland as the official judiciary of the nation. The tribunal will oversee criminal cases, will settle disputes between the departments of the nation, and will settle disputes between the citizens and the government. The Creeperian National Military Tribunal officially assumes its duties as of now on 15 September 1954."

— Creeperian National Military Tribunal, 15 September 1954

The tribunal selects which cases it will make a decision over. The tribunal has rarely taken up cases from citizens against the government.


Justice /
birthdate and place
Age at Start date /
length of service
Start Present
Coat of Arms of Creeperopolis.png Alexander II
18 June 2003
San Salvador, San Salvador
0 16 6 February 2006
17 years, 1 day
Alfonso VI
Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez press conference.jpg Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez
21 January 1959
San Salvador, San Salvador
43 63 19 October 2002
19 years, 346 days
Emmanuel Cabañeras Videla
Presidente Alberto Fernández.jpg Santiago Azaña Yagüe
12 March 1959
San Adolfo, San Romero
44 63 19 June 2003
19 years, 103 days
Venancio López Requena
Presidente Bolsonaro.png Nicolás Correa Encarnación
16 May 1955
Adolfosburg, Adolfosburg
48 67 19 June 2003
19 years, 103 days
Juan Coronil Sarmiento
Martín Vizcarra Cornejo (cropped).png Adán Dávalos Santángel
19 July 1963
San Salvador, San Salvador
39 59 16 February 2005
17 years, 226 days
Máximo Leguizamo Tafalla
Enrique Pena Nieto.jpg Jonatán Muñoz Juderías
17 September 1964
San Salvador del Norte, San Salvador del Norte
45 58 13 October 2009
12 years, 352 days
Manuel Pousa Garrido
Anezbalcony.png Estefania Amengual Zoido
14 December 1970
San Romero, San Romero
40 51 17 July 2011
11 years, 75 days
Patricio Gallo Coronil
Guillermo Lasso inauguration (6) (cropped).jpg Jorge Encarnación Cambeiro
13 February 1955
Victoria, Atlántida
57 67 18 April 2012
10 years, 165 days
Orlando Barrueco López
01032020 Cerimônia de Transmissão de Mandato Presidencial - 49606836182.jpg Esteban Costér e Arrabal
1 June 1968
Chalatenango, Castilliano
51 54 1 May 2020
2 years, 152 days
Benito Ureña Manzanares

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