Creeperian Imperial Guard

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Guarda Imperial Creeperiano
Imperial Guard Emblem of Creeperopolis
FoundedFebruary 8, 1231
CountryCreeperopolis Creeperopolis
TypeNational Guard
RoleLand Warfare
Size150,000 soldiers
Part ofMinistry of Defense
HeadquartersSan Salvador, Creeperopolis
Motto(s)"Protege'al Emperador con nuestras vidas." (official)
ColorsCreeperian Black, Creeperian Gold, White
Commander-in-ChiefEmperor Alexander II
Minister of DefenseAugusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez
Chief GuardCésar Mendoza Durán

The Creeperian Imperial Guard is the air warfare service branch of the Creeperian Armed Forces. It is one of the four uniformed services of Creeperopolis and is designated as the Imperial Guard of Creeperopolis. The Imperial Guard has 150,000 active duty soldiers.

Flag of the Creeperian Imperial Guard.

Massacres of the Creeperian Imperial Guard

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