Creeperian Fascist Union

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Creeperian Fascist Union

Unión de Fascistas Creeperiano
Caudillo and founderCarlos Hernández Videla
FoundedJune 1, 1920
DissolvedNovember 9, 1921
Merger ofCatholic Royalist Party (splinter)
Creeperian Fascist Party
League of Creeperian Fascists
Succeeded byCreeperian Pro-Fatherland Front
HeadquartersSan Salvador, San Salvador, Creeperopolis
NewspaperLetras Fascistas
Membership (1921)3,000
IdeologyCreeperian Fascism
 • Monarchism
 • Creeperian Nationalism
 • Anti-Communism
 • National Conservatism
 • Social Conservatism
Political positionFar-Right
National affiliationnone
Colors  Black
Slogan"¡El Fascismo es la’Justicia!"
("Fascism is Justice!")
Anthem¡Adelante!" ("Forward!")
0 / 100

The Creeperian Fascist Union (Creeperian Spanish: Unión de Fascistas Creeperiano) was a far-right militarist Creeperian political party during the Second Parliamentary Era from 1920-1921. It was dissolved and formed into the Creeperian Pro-Fatherland Front in 1921.