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Creeperian Airlines
Logo of Creeperian Airlines since 1994.
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded18 June 1931; 91 years ago (1931-06-18)
(as SANIC)
Commenced operations15 September 1931; 91 years ago (1931-09-15)
(as SANIC)
Secondary hubs
Focus cities
Frequent-flyer programCreeperian Fast Miles
AllianceSun Alliance
Fleet size224
HeadquartersSan Salvador, San Salvador, Creeperopolis
Key people
RevenueIncrease ₡981.66 billion colóns (2020)
Operating incomeIncrease ₡183.84 billion colóns (2020)
Net incomeDecrease ₡112.64 billion colóns (2020)
ProfitDecrease ₡32.44 billion colóns (2020)
Total assetsIncrease ₡1.02 trillion colóns (2020)
Total equityIncrease ₡763.76 billion colóns (2020)
Employees75,400 (2019)

Creeperian Airlines (Creeperian SpanishCreeperian: Աերոլձնեաս Ծրեեպերիանո; Creeperian Spanish – Iberic: Aerolíneas Creeperiano; pronounced: [ae.ɾoˈɾiˈ]; abbreviated as: AC) is the largest airline and the flag carrier of Creeperopolis. The airline is the largest Surian airline and one of the largest in the world.

As of 2020, the airline employs nearly 75,400 people. The airline also has a fleet of 224 aircraft, primarily of Maroto Botín small- and wide-body aircraft, and 150 destinations in 13 countries. The airline also carried 40,450,000 passengers in 2020. It operates out of three primary hubs, with San Salvador–Romero I being the largest, and three secondary hubs. The airline is headquartered at the San Salvador–Romero I international airport in San Salvador, San Salvador, Creeperopolis.

The airline in its current form was formed as a merger of several airlines from Creeperopolis and the former nations of Atlántida and Castilliano in 1950, but the original airline was founded in 1931 as a government-owned airline. The airline has gone through several name changes over its history and was fully privatized in 1999. Creeperian Airlines was a founding member of the Sun Alliance. The airline has three subsidiaries: Creeperian Airlines Cargo (ACCAR), Creeperian Airlines Connect (ACCON), and Salvadoran Airlines (SA). The airline's slogan is Creeperopolis Closer.



On 13 June 1931, the Parliament of Creeperopolis passed the National Airline Establishment Act by a margin of 57–43. The act was supported by the People's Social Coalition parties of the Creeperian Socialist Party and the National Liberal Party, and the Creeperian Conservative Coalition party, the National Conservative Party. It was opposed by the Catholic Royalist Party, the Creeperian Social Communist Party, and the Creeperian Pro-Fatherland Front.

A SANIC Maroto Aircraft MA-2 called the "Magdalena" with slender floats in the Salvador River with a group of Creepero-Lyoans in 1932.

The act mandated the establishment of the new airline within the month and that it would be government owned. On 18 June 1931, the airline was founded under the name of Creeperian Domestic and International Airway Systems (in Creeperian Spanish as Sistemas de'bía Aérea Nacionales y Internacionales Creeperiano, abbreviated SANIC) The government supplied the airline ten Maroto Aircraft MA-2's and two Botín Aircraft BA-101's. The airline commenced operations on 15 September 1931 and its inaugural flight, Flight 1, was a short flight from San Salvador International Airport (now called Miguel Martín Cabañeras Gutiérrez International Airport) to Adolfosburg International Airport (now called Adolfo III Alexander Martínez Llachaumán International Airport).

The airline only operated domestically until 18 October 1932 when the first international route was established from Adolfosburg, Creeperopolis, to Victoria, Atlántida. Another route, between Santa Ana, Creeperopolis, and Ciutat dels Àngels, El Salvador, was established on 29 October 1932. The airline had trouble expanding due to the National Conservative Party's refusal to finance the airline, leaving the Prime Minister, Tobías Gaos Nores, and then later Jorge Meléndez Ramírez, to mostly fund the airline out of pocket or from civilian donations.

On 14 June 1932, a scandal was revealed that Gaos Nores had illegally stolen money from the National Treasury and that the Minister of Treasury, José Pardo Barreda, had turned a blind eye to the ordeal. In what became known as the Gaos–Pardo Affair, Gaos Nores died of Creeperian Malaria on 17 July 1932, though his opponents claim that he committed suicide, and Pardo Barreda was impeached on 24 July 1932, but he was acquitted by the High Court on 3 September 1932. He was later assassinated by the Camisas Negras on 14 June 1934 in Panachor, Zapatista.

Civil war-era

A BAIN Botín Aircraft BA-111 called the "Sevilla" in 1940.

On 2 January 1933, the Creeperian Civil War erupted between two rival claimant governments: the Catholic Imperial Restoration Council (Romerists) and the National Council for Peace and Order (Miguelists). All of the aircraft of the airline were parked in Romerist held territory when the civil war erupted, and the Romerist Armed Forces took full advantage of the airline. The parties of the Creeperian Conservative Coalition, who previously opposed the airline, quickly supported its existence, while the People's Social Coalition, who previously supported the airline, quickly opposed its existence. The Romerists seized control of the airline and transferred it from government control to the control of the Romerist Air Force. The aircraft were used as transportation for Romerist military officials throughout the civil war.

During the civil war, the airline was renamed to National Imperial Airways (in Creeperian Spanish as Bías Aérea Imperial Nacional, abbreviated as BAIN). During the civil war, only two planes were damaged beyond repair, two Maroto Aircraft MA-2s, when they were caught in a bombing of the international airport in San Salvador during the siege of the city.

TACA branding

A TACA Bealeau 767-300ER in 1990.

On 2 July 1950, the Creeperian Air Force returned control of the airline to the Creeperian government. The government merged the airline with the Atlántidan airline, International and Domestic Atlántidan Airways. The airline was renamed to the Air Transports of Creeperopolis and Atlántida (in Creeperian Spanish as Transportes Aéreas de Creeperópolis y Atlántida, abbreviated as TACA).


On 15 September 1994, the airline was renamed to Creeperian Airlines (in Creeperian Spanish as Aerolíneas Creeperiano, abbreviated AC or ACR) and was completely privatized. The airline also opened a new hub in San Salvador at the now called Saint Romero I International Airport, it's main hub today.

In 1999, Creeperian Airlines joined the Sun Alliance and was 100% privatized.

Creeperian Airlines' fleet has been funded mostly by the Maroto Aircraft and Botín Aircraft companies until the two companies merged to form Maroto Botín, where the airline continues to purchase the vast majority of their aircraft.

Destinations and hubs


Country Province/State/Department City Airport Notes
Creeperopolis Adolfosburg Adolfosburg Adolfo III Alexander Martínez Llachaumán International Airport Hub
Castilliano Chalatenango Santiago Matadeltinianos International Airport
Salvador Salvador Alfonso I Salvador Martínez Moreno International Airport Hub
San Pedro San Pedro San Pedro'l Apóstol International Airport
San Romero San Romero Antonio José Sáenz Heredia International Airport Hub
San Salvador San Salvador Miguel Cabañeras Gutiérrez International Airport
North San Salvador Airport
San Salvador City Airport
Saint Romero I International Airport Hub
San Salvador del Oeste San Salvador del Oeste Regional Airport
San Salvador del Norte San Salvador del Norte San Salvador del Norte International Airport
Santa Ana Apopa Apopa Regional Airport
Santa Ana Santa Ana International Airport
Santa María Santa María Santa María International Airport
Senvar Puerto Senvar Puerto Senvar International Airport Terminated
Sonsatepan Port Sonsatepan Port Sonsatepan International Airport Terminated
Sonsonate Ahuachapan Ahuachapan Regional Airport
Sonsonate Sonsonate International Airport
Zapatista Tuxtla Martínez Tuxtla Martínez International Airport
El Salvador El Salvador Ciutat dels Àngels Los'Ángeles International Airport
Gjorka Gjorka Gjorka City Gjorka City International Airport
Xavian City Xavian City International Airport
Greater Sacramento Andaluzia Córdoba Alejandra Afuqay International Airport
Fez Zumruda El Samadt International Airport
Azumanaka Ankarabad Khadijha Erickson Sultani International Airport
Ibrahamshah Alexander Arakson Shah International Airport Seasonal
Hejaz Rafhareeq Abdul Kareem al-Amin International Airport
Zahjeddah Irfan Ibn Jahhaf International Airport
Malgax Lunen Azomanca Azomanca International Airport Terminated
Capites Maungis Maungis International Airport Terminated
New Gandor New Gandor Iornbarron Iornbarron International Airport
New Union City New Union City International Airport
Quebecshire Quebecshire Bostonia Bostonia International Airport
Orléans Orléans International Airport Seasonal
Quebecshire City Quebecshire City International Airport
State of the Church State of the Church San Salvador del Oeste San Salvador del Oeste International Airport
Suchitoto Suchitoto International Airport


Primary hubs

Country City Airport Notes
 Creeperopolis Adolfosburg Adolfo III Alexander Martínez Llachaumán International Airport Hub
Salvador Alfonso I Salvador Martínez Moreno International Airport Hub
San Salvador Saint Romero I International Airport Hub

Secondary hubs

Country City Airport Notes
 Creeperopolis Cámarillo Cristóbal Colón Cámarillo International Airport Hub
Chalatenango Santiago Matadeltinianos International Airport Hub
San Romero Antonio José Sáenz Heredia International Airport Hub


Current fleet

Creeperian Airlines Fleet
Aircraft In Service Orders Passengers Notes
S F B E+ E Total
Bealeau 747-400 2 2 8 24 40 313 387 To be replaced by the Bealeau 747-8i.
Bealeau 747-8i 2 TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Replacing the Bealeau 747-400.
Maroto Botín MB-8-70 8 160 160 To be replaced by the Maroto Botín MB-13-10.
Maroto Botín MB-8-80 14 12 158 170 To be replaced by the Maroto Botín MB-13-10.
Maroto Botín MB-9-60 13 12 120 132 To be replaced by the Maroto Botín MB-13-10.
Maroto Botín MB-10-50 37 12 20 238 270 To be replaced by the Maroto Botín MB-13-10.
Maroto Botín MB-11-30 45 12 24 248 286
Maroto Botín MB-11-30RE 43 2 2 10 20 250 282
Maroto Botín MB-11-40 16 34 4 12 20 258 294
Maroto Botín MB-12-10 28 6 18 38 60 354 476
Maroto Botín MB-13-10 18 101 4 12 24 44 252 336 To replace the Maroto Botín MB-8-70, Maroto Botín MB-8-80, Maroto Botín MB-9-60, and Maroto Botín MB-10-50.
Total 224 139

Former fleet

Aircraft Total Introduced Retired Notes
Jet Aircraft
Maroto Botín MB-8-10 20 1962 1984 Five sold to Lyoan National Airlines.
Maroto Botín MB-8-20 20 1965 1986 Five sold to Lyoan National Airlines.
Maroto Botín MB-8-30 20 1969 1990 Five sold to Lyoan National Airlines
Maroto Botín MB-8-40 20 1972 1993
Maroto Botín MB-8-50 20 1976 2004
Maroto Botín MB-8-60 20 1981 2013
Maroto Botín MB-9-10 1 1967 1968
Maroto Botín MB-9-20 20 1969 1990
Bealeau 747-100 2 1971 2000
Maroto Botín MB-9-30 20 1972 1990
Maroto Botín MB-9-40 10 1976 1999
Maroto Botín MB-9-50 10 1981 2010
Maroto Botín MB-10-10 20 1970 1986
Maroto Botín MB-10-20 30 1975 1992
Maroto Botín MB-10-30 20 1980 1999
Bealeau 737-300 15 1984 2000
Maroto Botín MB-10-40 20 1985 2008
Bealeau 767-300ER 10 1988 2000
Maroto Botín MB-11-10 19 1990 2003
1 1990 1995 Creeperian Airlines Flight 1347
Maroto Botín MB-11-10RE 30 1990 2003
Maroto Botín MB-11-20 20 1994 2009
Maroto Botín MB-11-20RE 20 1994 2009
Propeller Aircraft
Botín Aircraft BA-101 2 1931 1946
Botín Aircraft BA-111 17 1938 1956
Botín Aircraft BA-121 15 1946 1963
Botín Aircraft BA-131 32 1954 1973
Maroto Aircraft MA-2 8 1931 1959
2 1931 1946 Destroyed during the Siege of Creeperopolis
Maroto Aircraft MA-3 50 1934 1960
Maroto Aircraft MA-4 32 1940 1964
Maroto Aircraft MA-5 32 1946 1964
Maroto Aircraft MA-6 2 1950 1950
Maroto Aircraft MA-7 34 1953 1965

Codeshare agreements

Flight numbering

  • 1: San SalvadorAdolfosburg and AdolfosburgSan Salvador
  • 2–399: Routes in Creeperopolis excluding Atlántida and Castilliano
  • 400–699: International routes going west
  • 700–1099: Routes in Creeperopolis excluding Atlántida and Castilliano
  • 1100–1399: International routes going east
  • 1400–1599: Routes in Atlántida
  • 1600–1799: Routes in Castilliano
  • 1800–1999: Routes in El Salvador
  • 2000–2999: Codeshares


Reward programs

Business affairs



Company identity

Aircraft livery

Accidents and incidents





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  1. The exchange rate between the Creeperian Colón and the Quebecshirite Credit is 8:1.



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