Council of the Republic Motion 1

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Council of the Republic Motion 1
Seal of the Council.png
1st Council of the Republic
Proposed byIcaris
Passed28 June 2019
  • 4 voted for
  • 2 voted against
  • None abstained
1 2 →
Status: In force

Council of the Republic Motion 1 was passed on 28 June 2019 by the 1st Council of the Republic.


The legislation authorizing the LCNDA allows for expansion and separate documentation of the LCNDA. In order to strengthen and solidify our defense agency, we need to have them documented properly and holistically.

The LCN Government Declares:

  • Requests: LCNDA officials to create descriptive documents for the LCNDA, LCNAF, and LCNIA, outlining goals, duties, and structure.
  • Requests: LCNDA officials to create discord channels for the LCNDA and its inter-organizations to ensure proper communication within the agency


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  • Icaris (28 June 2019). "CRM #1 - A Motion to Compel the LCNDA to Document and Expand on Its Agency". NationStates. The Republic of LCN Council Archive.