Council of the Republic Law 8

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Council of the Republic Law 8
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1st Council of the Republic
Proposed byNeo Polisophos
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Status: In force

Council of the Republic Law 8 was passed by the 1st Council of the Republic.


In light of the obsolescence of the Citizens' Assembly, upon which most of the League's Defense Administration had been established, this bill seeks to adapt the LCNDA to the newer system of government.

The LCN Government Declares:

  • That The League shall establish an official Defense Administration (LCNDA), composed of two main branches: the Armed Forces (LCNAF) and the Intelligence Agency (LCNIA);
  • That the LCNAF's attributions are to ensure the region's protection from external threats, to help defend allies, and defend the sovereignty of the League on NationStates, all under the State's supervision;
  • That the LCNIA's attributions are to keep the region updated on internal and external factors of relevance, envisioning avoidance of direct conflict and ensurance of the League's safety;
  • That the aforementioned agencies may exchange information and interact whenever deemed necessary to ensure they are both executing their duties successfully;
  • The head of the LCNDA shall be appointed by the Consulate and formally addressed as Director of the LCNDA. Their period of collaboration indefinite, the Director may only be removed from their role by the Consulate's will or theirs;
  • More on the LCNDA's and its division's inner workings may be addressed in future documents;
  • The Council of the Republic may, with the Consulate's approval, request information from the LCNDA and its divisions whenever deemed important.

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  • Neo Polisophos (28 June 2019). "CRL #8 - An Act to Establish The League Defense Administrations and its Divisions". NationStates. The Republic of LCN Council Archive.