Council of the Republic Law 13

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Council of the Republic Law 13
Seal of the Council.png
1st Council of the Republic
Proposed byChalanka
Passed8 July 2019
  • 6 voted for
  • None voted against
  • None abstained
← 12 13 14 →
Status: Struck down

Council of the Republic Law 13 was passed on 8 July 2019 by the 1st Council of the Republic. It was struck down by the Court of the Republic on 5 February 2021.

CRL 13

This bill is to establish order for nominations to Council seats.

The LCN Government Declares:

  • A citizen can not bribe another into nominating them for Council (i.e. giving special treatment or endorsements).
    • Giving special permission
    • Endorsement
    • Unfair treatment
  • If one is to be encouraged to under the circumstances of those above, they must report it to a League’s Police Force Officer or Consul of the Republic.
  • Continuous lying of denying or trying to protect oneself from prosecution, citizenship can be revoked and ejection and ban from the region will be in order.
  • Any nation who witnessed the bribery, can bring forth evidence,
  • Nations have the right to not be a witness against themselves in a case.


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  • Chalanka (8 July 2019). "CRL #13 - An Act to Boost Election Integrity and Suppress Partisan Bribery and Corruption for Political Office". NationStates. The Republic of LCN Council Archive.