Cooperation and Development Coalition

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Coalición de Desarrollo y Cooperación
Cooperation and Development Coalition
Emblem of Cooperation and Development Coalition
CODECO map.png
HeadquartersSan Salvador
Official languagesCreeperian Spanish, Lyoan
TypeFree Trade Organization

The Cooperation and Development Coalition, or Coalición de Desarrollo y Cooperación, is an economic and trade alliance between Lyoa and Creeperopolis. It was established in January of 2020 following a meeting between Lyoan President Kemoh Foday and Creeperian Emperor Alexander II. CODECO maintains a policy of free trade and travel between its members, eliminating the need for visas and tariffs.


CODECO was established between Lyoa and Creeperopolis on January 25, 2020.[1][2]


CODECO Member States
Member State Date of Admission
 Creeperopolis January 25, 2020
 El Salvador January 25, 2020
 Lyoa January 25, 2020
Flag of the Papal States (1825-1870).svg State of the Church January 25, 2020


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