Consulate of the Republic

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Consulate of the Republic

The Consulate of the LCN is the unelected judiciary and executive branches of the LCN government. It consists of two Consuls of the Republic and one Chief Consul but all three are equal in power. [1]

Current Consuls




Previous Consuls

Neo Polisophos

Neo Polisophos was one of the first three Consuls chosen following the formation of the Consulate by the National Committee on Reconstruction. He served exclusively with Quebecshire and Nexus. He helped with brainstorm ideas that led to the establishment of the Citizens' Assembly in its earliest forms. He resigned prior to the ratification of the regional charters, stating that he felt he did not have much left to offer to the position. Upon his reccomendation, Salisford was chosen as his replacement. He served on various legislative bodies after his time as Consul.




Salisford played an active role in various roleplays both before and during this time as Consul.

Deletion of Public (October)

Deletion of Public (January)

On January 11th, 2019 the LCN discord channel #public was deleted again by Salisford most likely in a response to people satirically calling for it after a server member posted an image that showed lack of culinary skills and was seen as "repulsive".


Official Statements
Announcement by Quebecshire that declared the removal of Salisford

On February 3rd, 2019 the Ministers of the LCN had under unanimous support along with Quebecshire and Caezar remove Salisford as a Consul of the Republic. It began with Quebecshire making an announcement in the LCN discord server on February 3rd, 2019 at 11:18am US West Coast Time (2:18pm US East Coast Time) which then resulted in Neo Polisiphos, then a minister, to issue a statement regarding the removal at the next minute.

Anti Removal Efforts

Efforts to prevent the removal of Salisford were seen in the region leading to investigations and eventually the full disbandment of the anti removal factions as many had either left the region or switched sides.



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