Consulate of the Republic

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Consulate of the Republic
Consulate Seal.png
Seal of the Consulate
Founded15 March 2018; 5 years ago (2018-03-15)
Preceded byPresidency of The League of Conservative Nations
New session started
18 February 2023; 12 months ago (2023-02-18)

The Consulate of the Republic of The League, previously known as Consulate of the Republic of The League of Conservative Nations and known as the Consulate for short, is the unelected judiciary and executive branches of the League government. It consists of three Consuls of the Republic, one of whom is the Chief Consul. The Chief Consul acts as the spokesperson for the Consulate, but all three Consuls share equal power. The Consulate was established on 15 March 2018 by the fourth constitution.[1] The current Consulate consists of Creeperopolis, Quebecshire, and Spode Humbled Minions.

Current state


The Consulate of the Republic consists of three Consuls, one of whom is the Chief Consul. The Consuls are "equal in authority yet organized by the Chief Consul" according to the constitution (Art. II, Sec. 1, Cl. I). The Chief Consul generally serves as the spokesperson for the Consulate and the region at large. Consuls have no term limits and hold office until resignation or otherwise unable to serve. Consuls are often listed in order of seniority (tenure).

Role in government

The Consulate's purpose as defined in article II, section 1 of the constitution is to organize the Council of the Republic and "ensure the longevity and stability of the region" (Cl. IV). This places the Consuls essentially as heads of state. Consuls also reside as the justices for the Court of the Republic, enabling the Consulate to decide on criminal and civil disputes, as well as interpret the constitution. Thus the Consulate serves as both an executive and judiciary institution.

The Consulate is a non-partisan institution, thus its members cannot campaign for elections or referenda or vote on Council bills and motions, though Consuls may voice their opinions to the Council. The Consulate organizes the Council and its Delegates, which means organizing Council nominations and Council confirmation votes. The Consulate also often asks for the advice of the Council on certain issues. A major purpose of the Consulate is "to ensure the longevity and stability of the region" (Art. II, Sec. 1, Cl. IV).


The Consulate acts as a single unit in almost all cases. Its constitutionally defined powers and responsibilities include:

  • vetoing Council decisions in dire situations (though this power has never been exercised),
  • record keeping and ensuring the Council nominations and votes function as constitutionally intended,
  • calling the Council to convene on particular issues
  • ensuring regional security by "prevention of recruiting, foreign propaganda, and other dangers to The League's sovereignty" (Art. II, Sec. 2, Cl. VI),
  • "publish its institutional and judicial opinions, interpretations, and precedents to build upon regional statutes and policies" (Art. II, Sec. 2, Cl. VII),
  • establishing other institutions.
  • and residing as over the Court of the Republic.

Bills passed by the Council can further grant the Consulate certain powers that are not constitutionally specified. The Consuls, as heads of state and in cooperation with the Department of Foreign Affairs, handles foreign relations. The Consulate manages defense related concerns with the Defense Administration and Intelligence Agency and oversees the League's Defense Forces. The Consulate has created institutions including the Office of the Archivist of the Republic.



Creeperopolis became Consul and Chief Consul on 26 July 2021.


Quebecshire served as Chief Consul since the establishment of the Consulate to 27 May 2021 and continues to serve as Consul.

Spode Humbled Minions

Spode Humbled Minions became Consul on 18 February 2023.



The Consulate was etablished on 13 March 2018 by the National Committee on Reconstruction. The original Consulate consisted of Quebecshire, Neo Polisophos, and The Nexus Union.

Historical seal of the Consulate, retired in February 2023

Former Consuls

Neo Polisophos

Neo Polisophos was one of the original Consuls. He served exclusively with Quebecshire and Nexus. He helped with brainstorm ideas that led to the establishment of the Citizens' Assembly in its earliest forms. After five days in office, he resigned on 18 March 2018 prior to the ratification of the regional charters, stating that he felt he did not have much left to offer to the position. Upon his recommendation, Salisford was chosen as his replacement. He served on various legislative bodies after his time as Consul.


Nexus was part of the original triad of consuls. After several incidents in Minecraft, he left the region and resigned from office of consul. Upon returning, he tried to propose a rapid wave of unpopular legislation, including the creation of a regional church and a bill widely seen as preventing the Consulate from expressing its opinions. In response to his bills failing, he flamed a number of people on the server was subsequently banned by server admin.


Announcement by Quebecshire that declared the removal of Salisford

Salisford gained notierity as Consul by deleting the #public channel of the LCN discord twice. The first of these incident was in October. The second was on January 11th, 2019, most likely in a response to people satirically calling for it after a server member posted an image that showed lack of culinary skills and was seen as "repulsive".

On February 3rd, 2019 the Ministers of the LCN had under unanimous support along with Quebecshire and Caezar remove Salisford as a Consul of the Republic. It began with Quebecshire making an announcement in the LCN discord server on February 3rd, 2019 at 11:18am US West Coast Time (2:18pm US East Coast Time) which then resulted in Neo Polisiphos, then a minister, to issue a statement regarding the removal at the next minute.

Efforts to prevent the removal of Salisford were seen in the region leading to investigations and eventually the full disbandment of the anti removal factions as many had either left the region or switched sides.


Caezar served as Consul from November 9, 2019 up until June 1, 2020 [2]. While he had troubling political associations, these were mostly overlooked at the time of his appointment and much of his service.

Screenshot from May 31st of one of the incidents that led to Caezar's eventual removal

During Caezar's last weeks he made a number of racist and homophobic remarks. His remarks were often directed towards specific individuals, and many claimed it created a toxic environment. Greater Sacramento created a petition on June 1st[3] to push the Consulate to open up discussion on Caezar's removal. In addition to the petition, evidence of Caezar's tactic of posting rule breaking content and then quickly deleting them. This was later confirmed to be through the use of discord scripts.

In response, the Server Moderation Team made a special protocol for Caezar. He stepped down from the Consulate on June 1, 2020. Caezar assisted Quebecshire and Eminople in finding a replacement Consul and ultimately decided on Terranihil. Caezar was nominated to the Council but declined the position. He attempted to become an SMT officer, but Chief of Police Amaan did not accept him due to his history of rule breaking behavior. Ceazar then left the region.


Eminople was removed from his position as Consul following the separate server administrators' decision to ban him for unspecified but evidently severe matter.

List of all Consuls

Image Consul Term of office
Quebecshire2021.png Quebecshire 16 March
Incumbent Quebecshire has been on the consulate since the Consulate's creation, stepping down from the position of Chief Consul on 27th of May, 2021.
5 years and 348 days
The nexus union 950185.png The Nexus Union 16 March
9 November
The Nexus Union was a Consul at the Consulate's establishment. He resigned because of inactivity.
239 days
Neo polisophos 542992.png Neo Polisphos 16 March
18 March
Neo Polisophos was a Consul at the Consulate's establishment. He resigned after only three days in office because he believed he could offer nothing more as Consul.
3 days
Salisford Flag.png Salisford 18 March
3 February
Salisford was chosen as Consul to fill the vacancy left by Neo Polisophos. He was dismissed because of controversies relating to misuse of authority on the Discord server.
323 days
Caezar flag.png Caezar 9 November
1 June
Caezar was chosen as Consul to replace The Nexus Union. Caezar resigned after many complaints about his rule breaking and offensive behaviors.
1 year and 206 days
Eminople PB.png Eminople 3 February
3 May
Eminople was chosen as Consul after Salisford was dismissed. Eminople was removed after being banned from the region for out-of-character misconduct.
2 years and 91 days
Terra new country ball.png Terranihil 1 June
26 July
Terranihil was chosen as Consul after Caezar resigned, then became Chief Consul on the 27th of May. He later resigned.
1 year and 56 days
Paleo Flag 1.png Paleocacher 4 May
18 February
Paleocacher was chosen as Consul after Eminople was removed.
1 year and 291 days
Creeperopolis Polandball 14 February 2021.png Creeperopolis 26 July
Incumbent Creeperopolis was chosen as Consul after Terranihil resigned.
2 years and 216 days
Water monitor showing split tongue .jpg Spode Humbled Minions 18 February
Incumbent Spode Humbled Minions was chosen as Consul after Paleocacher resigned.
1 year and 9 days


Updated consulate timeline.png


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