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Consulate Central Bank

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Consulate Central Bank
1 lc.png
One Leaguecredit
HeadquartersThe League of Conservative Nations
EstablishedAugust 9, 2020 (2020-08-09)
OwnershipConsulate of the Republic
Chief ConsulQuebecshire
Central bank ofThe League of Conservative Nations

The Consulate Central Bank, abbreviated CCB, is the central financial body of The League of Conservative Nations.

The CCB is owned and operated by the Consulate of the Republic.

The Consulate employs a system of universal basic income and pays the government officials of the LCN through the bank.

The CCB is the institution that created and regulates the currency of the LCN, the Leaguecredit.

Government Provided Incomes

Occupation History l black.png Income per day
Citizen History l black.png 500
LPF Officer History l black.png 1,000
Chief of the Police Force History l black.png 2,000
Director of Foreign Affairs
LCNDA Director
Council Delegate History l black.png 5,000

The Consulate is also known to pay people via the bank for additional tasks, such as record-keeping or other government related work. The bank will also provide 10-50 Leaguecredits per message in eligible channels on the LCN Discord Server with a cooldown of one minute, to incentivize activity.

Pension Plans

Plan History l black.png per Day Requirements
A History l black.png 2,000 Former Heads of State and Government (Consuls, Prime Ministers, Presidents)
B History l black.png 1,000 Department Management Level Positions and High-Level Legislature (High Legislatures*, Old Cabinet Posts, DA/FA Director, LCNIA Director/GAF, etc.)
  • Meaning those that required election or another process, not those open to the entire citizenry like the initial Senate or the later days of the CA.
C History l black.png 500 Low-level government positions (Diplomatic Agent, LCNIA/AF member, etc.)
  • Must be a citizen. Your pension will be suspended at times you do not hold citizenship.
  • If the post was termed, you must have completed at least one full term of the position. If it was not termed, you have to have not been dismissed for unpleasant reasons (fired).
  • These do not stack. You get the highest applicable.
  • Pensions may be abolished or otherwise altered if this becomes an issue.


The Consulate offers loans and will notorize inter-player loans. CFAC is also authorized to distribute and document official loans.


Current Taxation Codes

  • For profit business activity will be subject to a taxation of 10% on the profitable funds, unless distinctly stated by the Consulate to be exempt.
  • Gambling winnings that meet or exceed History l black.png100,000 in the instance will have the winnings taxed at 10%.

This is subject to future updates as deemed appropriate by the Consulate.[1]

Rules and Fines


  1. Loans must now be 15% interest or lower, no loan may exceed that rate.
  2. Any loans that include profit takes to the loaners must not exceed 85%. New regulation.
  3. Loans which do not include an action and exist solely for the coordinated duplication of money are henceforth considered illegal and embezzlement at the discretion of the Consulate.


The Consulate Central Bank retains the right to fine you for various reasons, including but not limited to what is listed below.

  • Attempting to evade taxation.
  • Using another account to transfer funds to give yourself an unfair advantage, or similar activity.
  • Attempting to acquire more government property than directed, or attempting to sell it to others.

This is subject to future updates as deemed appropriate by the Consulate.[1]


Investment Process

Process for the Five Figure Investment:

  1. Go to #consulate-central-bank.
  2. Run the command ?buy five to spend History l black.png 10,000 on the "Five Figure Investor" role.
  3. Run the command ?use five to use the role.
  4. Every day, you will earn History l black.png 500. The role is indefinate.

Process for the Six Figure Investment:

  1. Go to #consulate-central-bank.
  2. Run the command ?buy six to spend History l black.png 100,000 on the "Six Figure Investor" role.
  3. Run the command ?use six to use the role.
  4. Every day, you will earn History l black.png 5,000. The role is indefinate.

Five Figure Investors

Six Figure Investors

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