Congress of the People of Altaia

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Congress of the People of Altaia
Participant in Altaia Insurgency
HeadquartersAltaia Province
Area of operationsLyoa Flag.png Lyoa
Size~30 (2019)
Part of23px Republic of Altaia
Merged intoRally for Lyoan Democracy
AlliesKata Altaia
Patriotic Armed Forces of Altaia
Coordination for a Referendum on Altaia's Independence
Opponent(s)Lyoa Flag.png Lyoa

The Congress of the People of Altaia (abbreviated CPA) was an armed group in Altaia Province of Lyoa. The militia advocated for the secession of the province in order to establish an independent Altaian state. The group was relatively small, with an estimated 30 members who carry out urban guerrilla tactics such as bombings and ambushes of police. The group announced its merge into the Republic of Altaia and occupied two villages in 2020.