Coat of arms of Tirol

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Blason dl Fraestat Tirol
Coat of arms of the Free State of Tirol
AUT Tirol COA.svg
BlazonArgent an eagle Gules armed, beaked and crowned Or, langued Gules. The wings charged with a trefoil Or. The head charged with a wreath Vert.
Earlier version(s)
Coat of arms of the Tiroler monarchy
Coat of arms of the Kingdom of Tirol

The Coat of Arms of Tirol is a historic coat of arms dating back to the Middle Ages. It is the coat of arms of the historic region of Tirol, and also the inspiration for the coat of arms of the modern state.

The Tyrolean Eagle

Alternative Coat of arms of Tirol.

The Tiroler coat of arms displays a heraldic eagle in a silver shield: the Tyrolean eagle. The Tyrolean eagle is a golden-crowned and reinforced red eagle with golden wing bars ending in trefoils.

Seals dating from 1205 display the Tiroler eagle. The oldest coloured representations, however, come from the years 1271 and 1286. The seal images originate from the time of Albert IV, whose reign lasted from 1202 to 1253. The garland on the eagle's head was added around 1567.

At times, the coat of arms was a symbol of the monarchy.