Chief Consul of the Republic

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Chief Consul of the Republic
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since 26 July 2021
Office of the Consulate
Member ofConsulate of the Republic
ResidenceConsular Mansion
AppointerConsulate of the Republic
PrecursorPresident of The League of Conservative Nations
Formation15 March 2018; 4 years ago (2018-03-15)
First holderQuebecshire

The Chief Consul of the Republic is the head of state and head of government of The League, and formerly, of The League of Conservative Nations. The Chief Consul of the Republic, commonly referred to as simply the Chief Consul, is also the figurehead of the Consulate of the Republic.

Constitutional outline


The position of the Chief Consul of the Republic was established by Article II Section One of the Fourth Constitution of The League.

The Consulate is to be formed of three sitting Consuls of the Republic, equal in authority yet organized by the Chief Consul. All Consuls of the Republic sit on the Council of the Republic, an institution which will be further elaborated upon in this document.

— Article II, Section One, Clause I[1]

The term length of the Chief Consul is also established by Article II Section One.

The tenure of a Consul of the Republic is until their resignation or until they become unable to fill their position.

— Article II, Section One, Clause V[1]

The Chief Consul must take an oath before assuming office:

The Oath of Office for a Consul of The League is as follows. "I, as a Consul of The League, one of the three Heads of State, vow to serve within the Constitution as my mandate, vow to ensure the government representation of the public, and vow to use my power and impartiality for the longevity, freedom, and prosperity of the region."

— Article II, Section One, Clause VI[1]

Other establishments of the Chief Consul, as well as of the Consulate in general, are also established by Article II Section One.

The Consulate is non-partisan and neutral, and thus its members do not vote or campaign in elections or referenda and abstain from certain Council functions. Consuls of the Republic may maintain and voice their convictions so long as they do not violate previous restrictions and give up those certain aspects of standard citizen rights.

— Article II, Section One, Clause II[1]

The Consulate is tasked with organizing the Council of the Republic and its Delegates, as well as any other organizational mandated duties.

— Article II, Section One, Clause III[1]

The Consulate is to ensure the longevity and stability of the region, as a guiding hand rather than a micromanaging institution, and thus its succeeding members are selected by the three Consuls at the time of this document’s ratification.

— Article II, Section One, Clause IV[1]

List of Chief Consuls of the Republic

Chief Consul of the Republic Term of office & mandate
Duration in years and days
Consular term 2nd Consul 3rd Consul
15 March
27 May
Consulate I The Nexus Union Neo Polisphos
15–18 March 2018
3 days
Consulate II The Nexus Union Salisford
18 March – 9 November 2018
236 days
Consulate III Salisford Caezar
9 November 2018 – 3 February 2019
86 days
Consulate IV Caezar Eminople
3 February 2019 – 1 June 2020
1 year and 119 days
Consulate V Eminople Terranihil
1 June 2020 – 4 May 2021
337 days
Consulate VI Terranihil Paleocacher
4–27 May 2021
23 days
3 years and 73 days
27 May
26 July
Consulate VII Quebecshire Paleocacher
27 May – 26 July 2021
60 days
60 days
26 July
Incumbent Consulate VIII Quebecshire Paleocacher
26 July 2021 – present
1 year and 127 days
1 year and 127 days

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