Chepīn I of Creeperopolis

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Chepīn I
Creeperian depiction of the Execution of Quinctilius Varus in 110BC.png
Chepīn I executing Quinctilius Varus, 110BC.
5th Head Chief of Creeperopolis
Reign130BC – 62BC
PredecessorCatzlōche I
SuccessorHuectotz I
Motzocho, Creeperian Confederation
Died62BC (aged 85–86)
Xichūtepa, Creeperian Confederation
ReligionCreeperian Paganism

Chepīn I of Creeperopolis (148BC – 62BC; Pre-Old Creeperian: ճեպին) was the Head Chief of Creeperopolis from 130BC until his death in 62BC. He is most famous for his role in the Creeperian victory over the Romanyan Empire at the Battle of the Xichūtepa River.

A statue of Chepīn I wearing a Romanyan helmet in San Romero, Creeperopolis.