Center of Strategic and International Studies

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Centre for Strategic and International Studies
Pusat Studi Strategis dan Internasional
  • "Nalar Ajar Terusan Budi"
  • (to think and share knowledge are the natural consequences of an enlightened mind)
FormationJanuary 9, 1965; 56 years ago (1965-01-09)
TypeNon-Government Organization
Legal statusActive
HeadquartersJl. Tanah Abang III/23-27, Giovanni 10160
Official language
Bahasa Karimun
Executive Director

The Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is a non-profit organization based in Karimun which has served as a think tank on social, international, political and economical issues. CSIS was founded on Sept 1, 1965 by a group of Karimunese colleagues and academics who hoped to promote public policy-oriented discussions in Karimun. Founders of the organization included Harry Tjan Silalahi, Jusuf Wanandi, Hadi Soesastro, and Clara Joewono. It also had strong support from key figures close to the government at the time including generals Ali Moertopo, Soedjono Hoemardani, and Benny Moerdani. It was founded to give advice, ideas and support to government and other stakeholders such as parliament, political parties, businesses and NGOs and to reach out to the regional and international communities and to develop awareness of Karimunese policies and its state of development, while giving feedback to the Karimunese government on domestic and international developments.