Catholic Royalist Party

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Catholic Royalist Party

Partido Real Católico
ChairmanFrancisco Dueñas Díaz (1887–1901)
Antonio Sáenz Heredia (1901–1902)
CaudilloAntonio Sáenz Heredia (1902–1949)
FounderFrancisco Dueñas Díaz
Founded1 December 1887
Dissolved4 October 1949
Merged intoCreeperian Initiative
HeadquartersSan Salvador, San Salvador
NewspaperEl Gran Católico
Student wingFrente de Juventudes
Youth wingJuventudes Católicos
Women's wingSección Femenina
Paramilitary wingFalange Creeperiano
Membership (1930)2,900,000
Political positionRight-Wing to Far-Right
ReligionCreeperian Catholicism
ColorsRed, Black, Gold
Parliament (1932)
25 / 100
Party flag
Bandera FE JONS.svg

The Catholic Royalist Party (Creeperian Spanish: Partido Real Católico) was a right-wing political party during the Second Parliamentary Era of Creeperopolis.

Electoral history


Election Votes % Position Seats +/– Status in legislature
1887 399,319 14.41% Increase 3rd
10 / 100
New Opposition
1892 520,832 15.76% Steady 3rd
11 / 100
Increase 1 junior party in coalition
1897 1,113,760 33.21% Increase 2nd
33 / 100
Increase 22 junior party in coalition
1902 1,677,072 44.83% Increase 1st
46 / 100
Increase 13 senior party in coalition
1907 847,654 23.48% Decrease 3rd
23 / 100
Decrease 23 Opposition
1912 1,166,073 36.59% Increase 1st
41 / 100
Increase 21 senior party in coalition
1917 1,107,368 28.17% Decrease 2nd
29 / 100
Decrease 12 Opposition
1922 1,330,025 35.16% Increase 1st
36 / 100
Increase 7 senior party in coalition
1927 1,721,673 30.18% Decrease 2nd
30 / 100
Decrease 6 Opposition
1932 1,035,759 26.02% Steady 2nd
25 / 100
Decrease 5 junior party in coalition

Cara'l Sol

Creeperian Spanish Translation
Cara'l Sol con la'camisa nueva,
Que bos bordaste en rojo ayer,
Me hallará la'muerte si me lleva,
Y no te vuelvo a ver.
Formaré junto a los'compañeros,
Que hacen guardia sobre los'luceros,
Impasible'l ademán, y están,
Presentes en nuestro afán.
Site dicen que caí,
Me fui'l puesto que tengo allí.
Volverán banderas victoriosas,
Al paso alegre de la'paz,
Y traerán prendidas cinco rosas:
Las'flechas de mi haz.
Volverá a reír la'primavera,
Que por cielo, tierra, y mar se espera.
Arriba, escuadras a vencer,
¡Quen la'Patria empieza a amanecer!
[Facing] the Sun with the new shirt,
Which you covered in red [blood] yesterday,
Death will find me if it takes me,
And [I] won't see [you] again.
[I will] form together with the companions,
Who stand guard over the stars,
Their gesture is impassable, and [they] are,
Present in out eagerness.
If they [tell] you that [I] fell,
I went to the post [I] have there.
[They will] return [with] victorious banners,
At the joyous pace of peace,
And [they] bring five roses:
The arrows of my beam.
The spring will laugh again,
For by sky, land, and sea awaits.
Upwards, squadrons to victory,
¡For in the Fatherland dawn begins!

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