Camillo di Savotta

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Tenente Generale

Camillo di Savotta
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Nickname(s)La Tigre
Born (1965-06-17) June 17, 1965 (age 57)
Cape Rejo, Salisford
Allegiance Salisford
COMISEQ (2020–present)
BranchSalisford Royal Salisfordian Army
Years of service1987–present (35 years)
RankTenente Generale
BattlesSequoyan Civil War

Camillo di Savotta is a senior officer in the Royal Salisfordian Army and is the current commander of the Salisfordian forces in the CODECO Mission in Sequoyah, serving with Kitete Bokande and Lázaro Chacón González.

Early life and education

Military career

CODECO Mission in Sequoyah

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