Caliphate of Andaz

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Caliphate of Andaz

خلافة أنداز
748 AD–821 AD
Flag of Andazis
Area ruled 800 AD
Area ruled 800 AD
Common languagesArabic, Romani, Spanish
Alhaz Islam
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• 748-756
Fahroon ibn Aiysha
• 756-781
Muhmaad ibn Fahroon
• 781-820
Al Mutawail ibn Muhmaad
LegislatureMajlis as Shura
Historical eraEarly Islamic
• Conspiracy of Andaz
748 AD
•  Conquest by Cordoba
821 AD
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Hussienad Caliphate
Emirate of Cordoba
Emirate of Khazovr

The Caliphate of Andaz (Arabic: خلافة أنداز) was an early Islamic Empire in modern day Andaluzia. It was established after the Conspiracy of Andaz which sought to overthrow the Hussienad Caliphate. The conspiracy was able to install Fahroon ibn Aiysha as the Caliph and secure eastern Andaluzia under the new Caliphate's banner. The new caliphate was a major shift in Islamic politics as the caliphate was a follower of Alhaz Islam which was different from the Shia Islam of the previous caliphate and Sunni Islam of the one before that. The Caliphate is known for establishing a great learning center in Andaz which was preserved until the Kashiludun Caliphate when it was destroyed. The Empire primarily conducted itself in Arabic though Roamani was a common defacto language for the Empire as well as Spanish.