Cabañeras Family

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Cabañeras Family
Familia Cabañeras
Powerful Family
Coat of Arms of the Cabañeras Family.png
Country Creeperopolis
EtymologyFraternal last name of the family
Place of originSan Salvador, San Salvador
Founded1184; 840 years ago (1184)
FounderFidel Cabañeras Guerrero
Current headAugusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez
TitlesMinister of Defense
Supreme Caudillo
Chief of the DINA
Connected familiesHouse of Martínez
Sáenz Family
TraditionsCreeperian Catholicism
MottoNo destruyo, solo sirvo.
(I don't destroy, I only serve.)

The Cabañeras Family (Creeperian Spanish: Familia Cabañeras), also sometimes called the Cabañeras Dynasty (Dinastía Cabañeras) due to the family's vast influence, is an influential family which dominated Creeperian politics and the Creeperian miliary.


Family Heads

Family Tree

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  • - The bolded border indicates spouses
  • - The thin border indicates other relatives
  • name / title / date - The green font indicates living persons

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