CODECO Mission in Sequoyah

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CODECO Mission in Sequoyah
Participant in the Sequoyan Civil War and CODECO military intervention in Sequoyah
Flag of COMISEQ.png
Active5 December 2020 – present
(1 month, 2 weeks and 3 days)
LeadersLyoa General Kitete Bokande
Creeperopolis General Lázaro Chacón González
Salisford General Camillo di Savotta
NationsLyoa Lyoa
Creeperopolis Creeperopolis
Salisford Salisford
HeadquartersNorthern Sequoyah
Area of operations Sequoyah
SizeApprox. 110,000
Part ofCooperation and Development Coalition
Opponent(s)William Adama loyalists
Pro-Calhoun Armed Forces

The Cooperation and Development Coalition Mission in Sequoyah (abbreviated as COMISEQ) is a regional peacekeeping mission led by the Cooperation and Development Coalition.