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Bladian Federation

Flag of Bladium
and largest city
Other languagesBladian
Ethnic groups
  • Bladian(s)
GovernmentElective monarcho-technocracy
• King
Hunter IV
LegislatureElectoral Council
• Kingdom of Immerion
• Total
492,683.8 km2 (190,226.3 sq mi) (19th)
• Water (%)
• 2022 estimate
78 million (11th)
• Density
18.39/sq mi (7.1/km2) (21st)
Currency$ Bladian Dollar
Time zoneAMT-7
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy, AC/ADc
Driving sideright

Bladium is one of the most recently founded countries, having only united in 1988. Its predecessors were a technocracy, a monarchy, and a republic, and its current government was made due to a compromise between the three. As such, most of Bladium's history comes from its predecessors; Immerion, South Vaktria, and the Union-State of Camecia. Its founding caused a political conflict due to South Vaktria being unrecognized by Terranihil. However, after the 1993 coup, the dispute was resolved, leading to the current border.


Post-Romanyan era

The idea of Bladian as a culture did not truly emerge until after the fall of the Romanyan Empire, as it was mainly settled by them and the Vaktrian tribes in the area. Due to cultural synchronization, these 2 cultures mixed into what is now considered Bladian. Camecia was the state that emerged immediately after the fall of the Romanyan Empire, followed quickly by a number of smaller kingdoms that would only unite into Immerion in 1832. Besides this, the region stayed largely the same, with only a few border adjustments, until the early 600s.

Foreign conquest

During the early 600's, Bladium was conquered by the Mutadinun Caliphate. Despite the fall of Camecia, the people revolted frequently and refused to convert to Islam, essentially adopting Christianity out of spite. When the Mutadinun Caliphate fell, the Bladian states declared independence along roughly the same borders. After this, change in the area slowed to roughly the same as the pre-Mutadinun era.

South Vaktria

In 1748 the Technocratic State of South Vaktria declared independence from Camecia and seized some borderlands from nearby areas, and even when Terranihil retaliated they refused to give up their claims. Due to this and various other reasons, South Vaktria was almost never recognized by any other nation, except for Immerion after Alexander I became the leader in 1867 and established diplomatic relations.

Immerion and the Power Struggle

In 1832, Hunter I the Conqueror of Immerion used the complicated mess of politics at the time and Immerion's power as the trade leader of the area to unite the regional city-states. This worried Camecia greatly, as they now had 2 rivals similar to them in power. They began rapidly militarizing and engaging in small border conflicts until they finally settled on borders that satisfied all of them. As the Power Struggle came to a close, the 3 nations started slowly gaining closer diplomatic relations and even worked together in the War of the Bladian League.

Communist surge

When communism was first established, many in the West hated it. On the other hand, Bladium was open to refugees, and so the Communist Party of Bladium saw immense popularity in the 3 nations. This was a problem to all of them, as each nation had reasons to actively oppose communism, but all of their constitutions stated that they were open to refugees. The resulting discrimination that emerged as a result is actually part of the reason why Bladium eventually united.