Bernardo Vaneles

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Grand Parliamentarian

Bernardo Vaneles
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Prime Minister of Rakeo
In office
6 June 1925 – 6 June 1931
Preceded bySamuel Molina Tassis
Succeeded bySantiago Ruíz Tengibre
Personal details
Bernardo Vaneles y Nalvo

5 July 1895
Junfilo, Menora de Paragon, Rakeo
Died16 April 1977(1977-04-16) (aged 81)
Rektiv, Menora de Olino, Rakeo
Political partyVaneles Party
ParentsCarlos Vaneles Hernández
María Nalvo Tassis

Bernardo Vaneles y Nalvo (5 July 1895 – 16 April 1977) was a Rakeoian politician who served as Prime Minister of Rakeo from 1925 until 1931.

Early life

Born into luxury and as the sole heir of a small fortune in the agricultural industry, Vaneles was interested in the world, with the funds to act on it. By age 10, he had been to Reia, Quebecshire, and Sequoyah. By all appearances, in 1915, he bought a degree from one of Olino's top universities in the field of international studies. His parents, Carlos Vaneles Hernández and María Nalvo Tassis, died in an automotive accident in 1922. Grieving- But substantially richer- Vaneles turned an eye to politics.

Grand parliamentarian

A relative political outsider, when he announced his campaign to become a member of parliament in 1924, most respectable news outlets believed it unlikely for him to succeed. As part of a populist move, Vaneles had his name legally changed to the Rakeoian traditional structure, taking Nalvo as his middle name. Vaneles ran in a section of Menora de Olino under the BV party. He won his 1925 race against a local handily, carrying 95% of the vote. Once in parliament a surprising coalition of politicians from all three parties voted for him in stay of a more experienced candidate- Potentially due to bribes.

While in office, Vaneles embezzled the equivalent of 60 million credits of infrastructure spending. When caught, he refused to resign, stating that "it was the will of the people for me to have this money, and I shall respect their wishes". Despite widespread outrage, he maintained a positive image in the public eye through charitable donations.

Life during the war

When war broke out in Rakeo, Vaneles moved out of the country- It's believed[by whom?] that he was living in Reia.

Post-war life and death

One section of the Vaneles estate

In 1956, he returned from abroad, paying a fine to the Stratocratic Authority to ensure his safe travel. Vaneles began a construction project in the outskirts of Rektiv later that year, describing his dream of having a 'little piece of everywhere' as his home. On his death in 1977, he left his remaining money to the town, asking that they maintain his estate.

The Vaneles estate, an expansive building with Reian inspirations and a gaudy interior quickly became popular with the country's elites as a meeting place. During the 1980s, the town capitalized on the property's popularity by renting it to various party officials.

When tourism to Rakeo was opened in 2020, the building was listed as cultural hallmark of the island.

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