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Battle of the Glaceis Ocean

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Battles of the Glaceis Ocean
Part of the 2019-20 Morovan Crisis
Battles of the Glaceis Ocean.png
Quebecshirite Portsmouth Fleet attacking a Morovan submarine.
DateMarch 30, 2020-March 31, 2020
(1 day)

Blockader Victory

FlagofIslamicSac.png Greater Sacramento
Grofenflag.png Groffenord
Newgandorflag.png New Gandor
Paleo Flag 1.png Paleocacher
Flag terranihil new 2.png Terranihil
San Carlos Islands Flag.png San Carlos Islands
Xusma.jpeg Xusma
Supported by:
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (1997–2003).svg SSS
Us-ut-kim.gif Zion
Flag of Morova.jpg Morova
Commanders and leaders
Creeperopolis José Guerrero López
Gagium Porthos Gachet
FlagofIslamicSac.png Fatima El Shaqaz
Grofenflag.png Alfred Petersson
Newgandorflag.png Jackson Nowak
Paleo Flag 1.png Caitlin Pike
Quebecshire David Massé
Flag terranihil new 2.png Jona Hégdon
San Carlos Islands Flag.png Elena Kurnushknia
Xusma.jpeg Alexei Zubkov
Flag of Morova.jpg Alexei Karamazov  Surrendered
5 aircraft carriers
16 battleships
17 cruisers
5 frigates
21 destroyers
7 submarines
1 hospital ship
1 transport ship
1 repair ship
8 submarines
Casualties and losses
Newgandorflag.png 280 dead, 200 injured, 1 cruiser sunk, 1 battleship damaged[1][2]
Quebecshire 34 dead, 17 injured, 1 aircraft carrier damaged[3]
Flag of Morova.jpg 4,258 dead, 7 submarines damaged[4][5]
4,572 total dead

The Battles of the Glaceis Ocean were a series of battles fought in the Glaceis Ocean around the island of Morova on the night and morning of March 30 and March 31, 2020, between the Morovan submarine fleet an a large blockader fleet of nine nations: Creeperopolis, Gagium, Greater Sacramento, Groffenord, New Gandor, Paleocacher, Quebecshire, San Carlos Islands, and Xusma.


2019-20 Morovan Crisis

The 2019-20 Morovan Crisis began on September 22, 2019, with the passage of TCN Resolution 001 which condemned Morova for attacking civilians and denying humanitarian aid to civilians.[6] TCN Resolution 001 passed with a vote of ten for, none against, and six abstentions. TCN Resolution 001 was followed by TCN Resolution 003 on September 30, 2019, which established a ban on international weapons sales to Morova due to the Morovan Civil War.[7] The resolution passed with a vote of ten for, three against, and three abstentions. On October 12, 2019, the International Coalition for Morova (INTCOMOR) was formed as a peacekeeping force to be stationed in the city of Kieva.

On January 13, 2020, the Terraconserva Council of Nations Security Council passed TCN Resolution 005, the Instatement of a Naval Blockade on the People's Republic of Morova. The resolution passed with a vote of twelve for, two against, and two abstentions, making it the most supported TCN Resolution up to that point. The resolution enforced a naval blockade on Morova for violating TCN Resolution 003 and for supporting the Deltinian Liberation Army, a terrorist organization in southern Creeperopolis.[8][9] As a direct consequence of TCN Resolution 005, the nations of Creeperopolis, Greater Sacramento, New Gandor, and Paleocacher dispatched ships to the Glaceis Ocean to blockade Morova.[10][11][12][13] Later on January 15, the Lyoan National Navy, on behalf of the International Coalition for Morova (INTCOMOR), declared that Lyoan and Paleocacherian INTCOMOR forces in Morova would remain as peacekeeping forces during the blockade.[14] The blockade lasted from January 15, 2020, until the Treaty of Asr El Ziqara officially ended the blockade on January 27, 2020.[15][16][17][18]

The shootdown of Morovan Airlines Cargo Flight 39 on January 21, 2020, and the Sinking of The Lady Kieva on March 27, 2020, greatly increased international tensions between the nations of Creeperopolis and Morova, and Quebecshire and Morova, respectively. Each event also rallied the allies of Creeperopolis and Quebecshire to come to their support against Morova.

On January 21, 2020, Morovan Airlines Cargo Flight 39 was shot down over El Salvador by the Creeperian Air Force killing all 38 occupants.[19][20][21][22][23] Morova condemned Creeperopolis stating that the flight was an expeditionary flight to explore lands south of Creeperopolis.[24][25][26] On the other hand, Creeperopolis condemned Morova for attempting to send aid to the Deltinian Liberation Army in the Creeperian department of Deltino.[27][28][29] Neither claim was verified as legitimate. The Sacramentian government later called for a Morovan-Creeperian-Gandorian summit to be held in Asr El Ziqara to resolve issues between the three nations following the shootdown.[30]

On March 1, 2020, Joshua Graham, a religious extremist[citation needed] in southwestern Morova declared the independence of the Republic of Zion. Joshua Graham radioed the declaration over Morovan Public Radio and declared Zion's independence as a safe harbor for the Christian religion in Morova.[31] No nation recognied the independence of Zion but it was recognized by the Anti-Deltinian Armed Forces of Liberation - War of Elimination (FALANGE), a coalition of ten Creeperian death squads.[32]

On March 27, 2020, a Morovan refugee ship, The Lady Kieva attempted to enter Quebecshirite waters near the city of Portsmouth. The Lady Kieva was sunk by the Quebecshirite Portsmouth Fleet.[33] The report released by the Quebecshirite government alleged that all 2,300 passengers died in the altercation and that Quebecshire was investigating the source of the ship. Émeric Boudreaux, the Administrator for National Defence, mentioned the possibility that the ship was sponsored by the Morovan government or a corporation, but these theories have not been proven. The report also stated that no mutual two-way communication was made between the Portsmouth Fleet and the Lady Kieva leading up to and during the incident. Following the incident the Quebecshirite government announced and held a press report outside the Parliament of Quebecshire.[34] The incident was highly publicized in Morova, including the broadcast of last transmission sent from Frank Ivanovna, the Captain of The Lady Kieva.[35] Émeric Boudreaux has met with Grandmaster André Bellerose and Speaker of the Parliament Lucien LaRochelle since this.[36] Morova also requested reparations of five-hundred million Quebecshirite Credits to distribute to the families of the victims.[37] In an emergency session of the Parliament of Quebecshire rejected the demands for reparations and declared an intent to prepare oversight hearings in regard to the incident. Both of these decisions were announced by Lucien LaRochelle shortly after.[38] After continued disagreement, including a Morovan threat to expel Quebecshirites and take action in the international community, Quebecshire withdrew its diplomats from Morova eventually.[39][40] On March 28, 2020 the Parliament of Quebecshire voted to ban all travel to and from Morova and place another embargo on the counntry.[41] An oversight hearing was also held by the Quebecshirite Parliament on the evening of March 28, 2020.[42]

The Terraconserva Council of Nations placed down six resolutions regarding Morova before March 31, 2020. The resolutions are 001, 003, 005, 011, 12, and 013.[43][44][45][46][47][48] All the resolutions passed are all collectively called the Morova Resolutions.

The international community generally supported Quebecshire following the sinking of The Lady Kieva. Terranihil responded to the incident by referring to it as an "unfortunate affair" and discourging escalation.[49] New Gandor released a statement in which their government said that they felt the overall actions taken by Quebecshire were appropriate. New Gandor also increased a military presence in their own waters for security.[50] Creeperopolis and Lyoa published a joint statement through CODECO in which they condemned possible Morovan aggression and asserted Quebecshire acted appropriately in the interest of security.[51] Paleocacher chose to blame neither side and announced that a merchant ship had recovered some "anomalous" radio transmissions originating from the incident.[52] Malgax condemned the Portsmouth Fleet and suggested its leadership should undergo prosecution. Malgax also offered sympathies to Morova and the families involved. Philippe Dumont responded to the position by reiterating previous Quebecshirite stances on the matter.[53] Willdavie has chosen to abstain from involvement up to this point.[54] Greater Sacramento's Chancellor expressed saddness at the deaths and a desire to find more information of what happened, however, it was stated that Quebecshire should not reconsider Morova's demands for reparations.[55] San Carlos Islands mourned the losses and called for a bilateral solution, yet affirmed Quebecshire's right to defend its territorial waters.[56] Eminople stated Quebecshire's actions were necessary to defend their nation and that they should not pay the reparations, yet Eminople also expressed condolences to any families of the victims.[57] Groffenord asserted that the sinking was justified but the event was a tragedy nonetheless.[58]

The Terraconserva Council of Nations passed Resolution 011 on March 28, 2020, which repealed and replaced both TCN Resolution 003 and TCN Resolution 005. The resolution imposed a blockade on all Morovan ships going to and from Morova with the intention of selling weapons to and from Morova[59] It also contained mentions of the alleged "failings of the Morovan government which lead to the sinking of The Lady Kieva" and condemned Morova for allegedly "attempting to extort ₵500,000,000 Credits from Quebecshire."[60] However, this is possibly due to the influence Quebecshire had on the drafting of the resolution.[61] The resolution passed with a vote of twelve for, three against, and one abstention.

Later, on March 29, 2020, TCN Resolution 012, officially called the Admittance of the Republic of Zion as an Observer State (012), was adopted by the Terraconserva Council of Nations Security Council.[62] The resolution passed with a vote of twelve for, three against, and one abstention, and admitted the Republic of Zion as an observer state to the Terraconserva Council of Nations. On March 30, 2020, TCN Resolution 013 passed with a vote of twelve for, one against, and three abstentions, which placed an embargo on oil sales to and from Morova. The resolution allowed the naval forces participating in the enforcement of TCN Resolution 011 to enforce TCN Resolution 013 if Morova was non-compliant. It also allowed the Grand Navy of Quebecshire to enforce TCN Resolution 013 if Morova is non-compliant.[63]


TCN Resolution 011 passed on March 28, 2020, with a vote of twelve for, three against, and one abstention.[64] TCN Resolution 011 placed instated a naval blockade on Morova.

Assembling of Fleets

The detachment of the Portsmouth Fleet of the Grand Navy of Quebecshire departed to the region of the Glaceis Ocean surrounding Morova to enforce TCN Resolution 011 as well as to further Quebecshirite interests in the region on March 29, 2020. The ships will arrived in the region of the Glaceis Ocean surrounding Morova by evening. The largest ship sent by the Portsmouth Fleet was the NQ Arceneaux, an aircraft carrier which was carrying forty F-35 Lightning IIB fighter jets as well as twenty Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk helicopters. Quebecshire also sent three destroyers, five attack submarines, one amphibious transport dock ship, which was to be based in Beauvois, Groffenord, until further notice and was absent from the remainder of the fleet's position, and seven littoral combat ships. Upon arrival, the fleet took positions close to and around Morovan oil drilling sites and monitored any coming or going ships in the region for weapons distribution. The Quebecshirite fleet was positioned southeast of Morova and was commanded by Admiral David Massé.[65]

Shortly after these deployments, the Gagian destroyers NG Latoue and NG Lescavan, as well as the frigates NG Épée and NG Styx, were put under the command of Admiral Porthos Gachet and prepared in case Gagian intervention off the Morovan coasts would prove to be necessary. One attack submarine, NG Villejust, was also prepared.

In response to the departure of the Quebecshirite fleet, the Morovan submarine fleet consisting of seven submarines deployed to Morovan waters near Kieva. They were ordered to fire upon any armed vessel entering Morovan waters.[66] In response to the Morovan deployment of submarines, five anti-submarine patrol jets were scrambled immediately after Morovan submarine activity within Groffenordic waters in the Glaceis Ocean was confirmed. Two destroyers and a light carrier were also ordered to make contact with the undetermined number of submarines.[67] After Groffenordic mobilization occurred, the Gagian detachment was sent to participate in the blockade.

New Gandor's fleet arrived at Morovan waters on March 30, 2020. The largest ship of the fleet was the aircraft carrier NGS Antrepryza. Two battleships (NGS Thompson and NGS Zeblotny), five cruisers (NGS Erie, NGS Obfity, NGS Nauka, NGS Czas, and NGS Ogien), three destroyers (NGS Jacek, NGS Serce, and NGS Tuz), and one repair ship (NGS Saper) were also sent to the blockade force. The Gandorian fleet took positions northwest of Morova and was commanded by Admiral Jackson Nowak.[68][69] Paleocacher's fleet consisted of two frigates under the command of Caitlin Pike north of the Gandorian fleet.[70]

Creeperopolis' fleet arrived at Morovan waters on March 30, 2020. The largest ship of the fleet was the aircraft carrier BIC Emperador Adolfo III. Two battleships (BIC San Rafael and BIC San Ignacio), six cruisers (BIC Castilliano, BIC Santa Ana, BIC Apopa, BIC San Salvador del Oeste, BIC Suchitoto, and BIC Tasajeras), three destroyers (BIC Chalatenango, BIC Ciudad Rey Alfonso I, and BIC Denshire), and one hospital ship (BIC San Lucas) were also sent to the blockade force. The Creeperian fleet took positions southwest of Morova, near Zion, and was commanded the Chief Admiral José Guerrero López.[71] San Carlos Islands' fleet was also positioned in the southwest with one figate, the HMSCIS Camarillo, under the command of Elena Kurnushknia.[72]

Xusma's fleet consisted of two battleships (IXS Nosachyov and IXS Solokov), two cruisers (IXS Novoshi and IXS Buvunnovsk), and three destroyers (IXS Luski, IXS Dragnov, and IXS Svetznil). The ships took positions in the east.[73]

The fleet of Greater Sacramento consisted of twelve ships, with the largest being the aircraft carrier Alicia Alqayan. The fleet also consisted of three battleships (Khayma I, Khayma II, and Khayma III), four cruisers (Ibn al-Riq I, Ahmedson I, Ahmedson II, and Mustafa I), and four destroyers (Razaq I, Shaqan I, Zayyad I, and Zayyad II). The fleet took positions in the northeast and was lead by Admiral Fatima El Shaqaz.[74]

Independence of The Morovan Strip

On March 30, 2020, Robert Hughes, a wealthy businessman, declared the independence of The Morovan Strip. He made a public statement:

"As Morova nears the brink of war, it is imperative that our beautiful city separate itself from the oncoming onslaught. As of today, I have purchased all of the hotels, casinos, and roads within the strip and I am declaring it the sovereign land of the Free Economic Zone. Any troops, Zionian, Morovan, or otherwise, will face the automated defenses that Hughes Aeronautics is installing around the strip as I speak. Remain calm and continue to return to the Strip for days and nights of fun, excitement, and relaxation."

— Robert Hughes, March 30, 2020[75]


Order of Battle

Battle Begins

After nightfall on March 30, 2020, the Quebecshirite Portsmouth Fleet and the Gagian detachment fired forty-five tomahawk cruise missiles from two destroyers at a submarine shipyard/port in Kieva for the fleet which the Morovan government possesses.[76] The attack was claimed to be an unprovoked attack on the Morovans.[citation needed]

During the Quebecshirite and Gagian attack on Kieva, 623 were reported to have been killed from the port. The docking stations for the submarines were heavily damaged by the missile strikes and were immediately put under emergency repair. After the initial strike, two ASBMs were launched at the Quebecshire aircraft carrier from a submarine from a concealed position in the northwestern waters of the Island of Morova in response to the missile attack on Kieva.[77] Both missiles were unable to make it to the Quebecshirite fleet as they both lost control of their paths and fell from the sky somewhere over the central regions of the Morova as the aircraft carrier was far out of the range of the ASBM missiles.[78] After the initial failure, four more ASBMs were fired from two submarines within Zionian territorial waters outside of Kieva, again aimed at the Quebecshirite fleet.[79] The missiles set the evening sky ablaze as they rushed towards the Quebecshirite fleet. Quebecshire's aircraft carrier deployed one third of the armament in the Mark 36 Super Rapid Bloom Offboard Countermeasures Chaff and Decoy Launching System to counter the attempted missile strike. Due to the missile model's circular error probability range of 370 meters, two missed the carrier entirely. Meanwhile, one was stopped mid-air by the countermeasures, but one struck the starboard side of the carrier, causing damage and killing several crewmen from the blast. David Massé ordered a full-scale retaliation in the second wave of attacks against Morova. The five fast attack submarines moved forward and each fired two of their four MK-48 torpedos to occupy and incapacitate the submarines at Kieva. Forty-five more cruise missiles were launched from the destroyers at Kieva. The missiles were targeting government installations and compounds, specifically the Morovan assembly.[80] The National Assembly hall exploded causing a fire that began to spread through Kieva.[81] One of the two Morovan typhoons began to take on water on its starboard side. The crew hastily attempted to repair the breaches and one submarine replied by firing an R-39 Rif SLBM at the Quebecshirite aircraft carrier, while the other fired 6 type 53 torpedos, one locked onto each attack submarine, and the sixth heading towards the same as the fifth.[82] Admiral Massé agreed to a temporary ceasefire if Karamazov surfaced all his submarines.[83] All seven submarines surfaced, but they primed and readied two SLBMs each in case they are fired upon.[84] The Quebecshirites demanded the surrender of Karamazov.[85] When the surrender was denied[citation needed], the NQ Arcenaux deployed ten F-35B Lightning II fighter jets and flew west. As they move across the land, they began bombing runs on Morovan army positions as the Morovan army moveed towards its invasion of Zion.[86]

Blockaders Attack

After the initial attacks on the Quebecshirite fleet, many of the blockader nations attacked Morovan submarines which were detected in their respective areas. The Gandorian destroyers, NGS Jacek, NGS Serce, and NGS Tuz moved into Morovan territorial waters and used sonar to keep track of the submarine which was detected in the area. They each took turns firing 10 high explosive torpedoes at the submarine. The cruisers, NGS Nauka, NGS Czas, and NGS Ogien moved in and dropped 15 depth charges, each using concussion to combat it. The battleships, NGS Thompson and NGS Zeblotny turned to port and begin firing by battery at the shipyard, primarily targeting ammo reserves, military ships, and any submarines dry docked. The battleships fired 14 inch HE shells. The yard was well within the 21 mile range of the ship's 14 inch guns. The aircraft carrier NGS Antrepryza launched planes to spot the submarine and carry out strikes on the naval shipyard.[87] The Nautilus took several hits, throwing several men and killing 19 men. The hull was severely damaged but the ship remained afloat. In response, the Nautilus fired 20 type 53 torpedos at the Gandorian fleet.[88][89][90] The destroyers NGS Jacek, NGS Serce, and NGS Tuz and the cruisers NGS Nauka, NGS Czas, and NGS Ogien began evasive maneuvers and threaded the torpedoes with a few coming in close contact. Five torpedoes head towards the back fleet, with one striking the battleship NGS Thompson on the heavy armor belt, causing a dent and medium internal damage. Fifteen men died as a result of concussion and 45 were wounded. Four headed towards the heavy cruiser NGS Obfity and breached the hull causing it to take on water. The order was given to abandon ship and men fell into the water. A radio transmission was sent out to Creeperopolis and fellow Gandorian ships to send help to pick up survivors. In retaliation the battleships NGS Thompson and NGS Zeblotny continued to bombard the naval yard. Out of a crew of 400, 203 were confirmed dead, while survivors, wounded, and other dead were being picked up by Creeperopolis and New Gandor.[91] Eventually, the submarine surfaced and Karamazov raised a white flag, radioing in his surrender to the Gandorians.[92]

The Creeperian fleet immediately ordered the BIC Chalatenango, BIC Ciudad Rey Alfonso I, and BIC Denshire to hunt down a Morovan submarine detected in the area following the attack on the Quebecshirite fleet. The destroyers detected the submarine and each fired two harpoon missiles at the submarine, six in total. The aircraft carrier BIC Emperador Adolfo III was put on high alert and its aircraft, 60 Maroto Botín MB-23 fighter jets, were prepared to take off if necessary to engage the submarine. The BIC San Lucas hospital ship was also prepared to deal with any potential casualties which could be inflicted by the submarine if it attacked. The remaining battleships, heavy cruisers, and light cruisers were placed on standby should they be needed.[93] The missiles pierced the hull of the submarine, killing 37 men. The submarine responded by firing 6 R-39 Rif towards the destroyers, with 2 heading for each destroyer.[94] The Creeperian destroyers BIC Chalatenango, BIC Ciudad Rey Alfonso I, and BIC Denshire were completely unharmed since the range of the torpedoes fired were well outside their maximum range. The submarine was ordered to surface and surrender its entire crew to the destroyers. The submarine was ordered to fire all their torpedoes as to not play any "funny games" with the destroyers.[95]

The FPS Cesar Delgado and the FPS Xanthus of the Paleocacherian fleet each fired two SAMs at the ballistic missiles fired from the Morovan submarine.[96] The President of Paleocacher ordered the deployment of the Kivu Squadron, which was already on alert and participating in exercises east of Liberty City, to the Morovan coast. Four frigates, three destroyers, the cruiser FPS Bullmar, amphibious assault ships FPS Kraken and FPS Leviathan, and three logistical replenishment ships were dispatched.[97]

The Razaq I and Shaqan I of the Sacramatian fleet fired at the northernmost submarine while the Zayyad I and Zayyad II fired at the southernmost submarine. All destroyers fired two harpoon missiles each at the submarines.[98] The outer hull contained the explosions, keeping the damage from reaching the rest of the submarine. However, the outer hull was pierced and the outer area began to take on water. The ship fired an SLBM at the Sacramatian fleet and fired 6 torpedos towards the destroyers.[99]

The Terranilian Navy deployed two Virát class submarines, two Aberis class frigates, and a Devraif class destroyer in response to Morovan aggression towards Quebecshire.[100]

The anti-air array surrounding Beauvois was put on high alert and all non-essential civilians were told to evacuate the city immediately. Five destroyers, two cruisers and one battleship were ordered to intercept any Morovan submarine detected within Groffenordic and international waters.[101] Two SLBMs were launched at the Groffenfordic battleship.[102]

During the battle, the Gagian surface combatants helped track the Morovan submarines while the submarine NG Villejust attempted to ensure that none of the Morovan submarines tried to escape.

Karamazov Surrenders

After the Gandorians began attacking the naval yard, the submarine nearest to the Gandorians surfaced and Karamazov raised a white flag, radioing in his surrender to the Gandorians.[103] The NGS Ogien pulls aside the battered Nautilus and extend a plank over the side. Four armed sailors cross the plank, cuff and arrest Karamazov. Admiral Jackson Nowak received confirmation that they have him. Cheers roared from the NGS Ogien and the entire Gandorian fleet. The battleships ceased fire and a hazy smoke covered the water. Karamazov was brought aboard the NGS Ogien and put into a holding cell. The light cruisers NGS Ogien, NGS Nauka, and NGS Czas made their way to Beauvois to hand over Karamazov.[104] The Quebecshirite naval forces stationed in Beauvois met the Gandorians there and arrested Karamazov, taking him into Quebecshirite custody. They prepared to have him flown back to Bostonia.[105]


Casualties were suffered on both sides of the engagements. On the side of the blockaders, only New Gandor and Quebecshire suffered any casualties. For the Quebecshirities, 34 were killed, 17 were injured, and 1 aircraft carrier was damaged.[106] For the Gandorians, 280 were killed, 200 were injured, 1 cruiser was sunk, and 1 battleship was damaged.[107][108] On the side of the Morovans, 4,258 were killed and all 7 submarines were damaged.[109][110][111][112][113][114][115][116][117][118]


Gandorians and Creeperans Celebrate

Chief Admiral José Guerrero López was informed of the capture of Grand Admiral Karamazov. He ordered the battleships BIC San Rafael and BIC San Ignacio to fire their 16in guns westward towards open ocean in celebration. The crew of the battleships celebrated and the crew thanked God for allowing the Gandorians to capture the man who Creeperopolis labeled "the most hated man in the international community."[119] The Creeperian fleet immediately dispatched the BIC San Lucas hospital ship to go help tend to the wounded soldiers of the sunken ship of the Gandorian fleet.[120] Cheers rang from the decks of the Gandorian ships. The two battleships fired a ceremonial salvo and men celebrated all along the line. The joyous celebration turned into a grim one as the sailors mourned their fellow sailors lost on the NGS Obfity and the NGS Thompson.[121]

Lucien LaRochelle Speaks to the Press

Speaker of the Parliament Lucien LaRochelle giving his speech announcing Karamazov's capture to the press of Quebecshire.

News of the open conflict in Morova broke out across the world. For many, it was unsurprising and felt as if it had been coming for many months. Despite this, it still came as some level of a shock to many people in Quebecshire even has it actually happened. Although the conflict was far from home, most Quebecshirites were strangers to the concept of war and its impacts.

Lucien LaRochelle walked to the podium in front of the Parliament building in Quebecshire City where a large group of reports waited to hear his update to the nation on the affairs that transpired in Morova.

"As many news outlets reported, last night combat altercations began in Morova between the international blockading forces and the Karamazov regime. I regret to inform the public that roughly thirty Quebecshirite servicemen did die in the battles in the Glaceis [O]cean. Our allies in New Gandor have also reported some losses, and our government expressed our condolences to the families of all who have been impacted by this event.

In brief summary of the events, the Morovan navy is largely incapacitated and has surrendered. A small special forces detachment has been sent to Morova to make contact with Zion to consider our options there, however, more reports on this will come in the future. However, now is the time for moving forward.

...Ladies and gentlemen, we got him. The Gandorian fleet arrested Karamazov shortly after his surrender and he is currently in transport from Beauvois to Bostonia, where he will await trial if our upcoming Security Council Resolution passes.

Quebecshire sends unending thanks to our allies, those participating in this blockade and supporting us for the betterment of the international community. We hope the worst of this crisis is behind us. To what remains of the regime in Morova, this is what we have to say for you. The end goal of the international forces is peace and fair elections in Morova. If you continue to be hostile, the blockade will resume retaliation. Whoever is now in charge of your assembly, military, and government, we await your response to these developments.

Quebecshire is committed to a swift and decisive end to this crisis, with a victory for democracy, diplomacy, and prosperity. Thank you."

— Lucien LaRochelle, March 31, 2020[122]

In the speech, Lucien LaRochelle revealed that the DRQ was inside Morova acting to topple the government of Morova and to make contact with Zion.[123] After hearing this, the Cooperation and Development Coalition (CODECO) announced that both the National Intelligence Directorate and the Special Security Service were in Morova training rebels for Zion.[124]

The Morovan military was unsure of whos orders to follow since many members of the assembly were dead or hiding; Morova was without leadership.[125]

TCN Resolution 014

TCN Resolution 014 was passed by the Terraconserva Council of Nations on March 31, 2020, with a vote of thirteen for, one against, and three abstentions, which established an international trial for Karamazov.[126]

Gallery of Ships Involved

Blockader Ships

Aircraft Carriers




Other Ships


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